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Jerome Maida

Ryan Reynolds' long-awaited solo "Deadpool" film is obliterating box-office records quicker than it's title hero heals from everything from gunshot wounds to cancer.

The REALLY good news? A real-life cure for cancer and "healing factor" are as inevitable as "Deadpool 2", according to renowned physician Dr. Ronald Klatz.

The author of 42 books including the bestseller "Grow Young With HGH", Klatz is a bioscientist with a portfolio of dozens of patents and is president and co-founder of The American Academy Of Anti-Aging Medicine (

"Cancer is a natural event", Dr. Klatz. told me. "We all have cancers in us all the time, so the question is , 'Why do we have these little death machines in us? Why did nature design that?'"

"Cancer is an adaptation to an environment of extreme stress - a stressful environment that man has lived through as the earth has changed", he continued. "Cells actually regress to this earlier genetic programming, which is where cells are designed to live in a more hostile environment..So, when you create an environment which is highly active, low-oxygen, sedentary, the cells sense this and they say, 'Oh, I'm in a toxic environment. I have to revert to a previous programming!'"

"That's how you create cancer", Dr. Klatz added. "If you don't allow that to happen..If you prevented cells from turning into cancer, if you put them in an environment that is not conducive to that programming and instead to a natural genetic programming..well, cancers can revert back to normal tissue..and so, people are saying, 'Let's make it uncomfortable for cancers!'...How do you do that? Diet and how we treat our bodies is extremely important."


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