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Everyone loves LEGO, right? The building toy has become on of the world's most successful toy brands, making millions each year. Though some of the sets may be a little pricey, parents always find a way to afford more for their kids every year.

The cool part about LEGO is that they try to reach out to all groups of people. They have done this by creating series like 'LEGO Friends' and 'LEGO Architecture,' and by making individual sets to reach out to people's interests like recreations of The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons.

This year, LEGO is trying to reach out to a newer, growing interest group. At the New York Toy Fair, LEGO gave viewers a sneak peak at one of their newest upcoming minifigures:

The Stay-At-Home Dad!

This character comes complete with combed hair, a trimmed beard, a plaid shirt and blue jeans - a stereotype, but an accurate stereotype. As many stay-at-home Dads will agree, this is an appropriate representation.

The LEGO stay-at-home Dad is inspired by and directed towards all of the stay-at-home Dads in the world. There are over 2 million in the United States right now, and that number is still growing. The stereotype that women stay at home while men work is being beaten by this new way of living, and LEGO is acknowledging that.

In addition to the LEGO stay-at-home Dad, LEGO also unveiled two other new LEGO minifigures. The first comes with the Dad - a baby! This is the first minifigure for a baby that came equipped with arms (except Maggie Simpson, but she was modeled very differently).

The other new addition is the first ever LEGO minifigure to be in a wheelchair. This also shows how well LEGO is trying to reach out to different groups. Though I am not bound to a wheelchair myself, if I was I would be very excited to finally be included in the LEGO world.

These changes really show how willing LEGO is to accommodate different people in the world. The stay-at-home dad is a rather big leap for LEGO acknowledging the different people in the world. Soon, LEGO may controversially add a gay couple to accommodate that group as well - who knows?

LEGO is one of my favorite toy companies out there and I really enjoy how we can get something new and awesome like this every year. I look forward to adding the stay-at-home dad and his baby to my collection.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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