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With the second film of Marvel Studio's Phase Three film slate approaching in November, we want to see some footage ASAP! But, for the time being a couple of facts about the star, Benedict Cumberbatch, should suffice.

1. While in South Africa in 2005, Cumberbatch was kidnapped. He talked himself out of the situation eventually. Yikes!

2. He taught English at a Tibetan Monastery, interesting!

3. Cumberbatch's parents paid for a high level of education, as they did not want him to become an actor.

4. As well as being a prominent stage and film actor, he has also done many voice overs for commercials as well as documentaries.

5. In 2013, four films Cumberbatch took part in were nominated for Oscars.

6. He collects stuffed owls.

7. His fans refer to themselves as 'Cumberbitches', but he prefers the term 'Cumberpeople'.

8. Cumberbatch believes he slightly resembles Sid the Sloth from the Ice Age film franchise.

9. Although he started acting at a young age, the options of lawyer and neurosurgeon appealed to a younger Cumberbatch as well.

10. He'll be headlining Marvel's Doctor Strange coming this November, and he seems to fit the part perfectly!


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