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The 90’s. How to forget that revolutionary and wild decade? It gave us unforgettable treasures and eternal memories. The Simpsons, Nirvana, Friends, Street Fighter 2, Radiohead, Forrest Gump, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Pamela Anderson and Mario Lopez.

It was a special time for horror movies. We were ready to embrace more realistic and intelligent horror films. Thanks to a golden generation of directors and writers, that’s just what we got.

I want to remember those wild times with seven horror movies. So grab your squared shirt, your popcorn, your frayed jeans and get ready to rumble!

1: The Blair Witch Project

A trio of friends decides that it is a good idea to film a documentary about an ancient legend in a small and forgotten town. According to it, an evil witch lived in that place and she enjoyed killing and kidnapping innocent children. But of course, it is only a legend, right? They will soon discover that legends are based on reality and that it is better not to mess with the past.

Only a few movies in history can brag about creating a world trend and The Blair Witch Project is one of them. This movie did not create the Found-Footage sub-genre, but it helped it to reach another level of recognition. After its success, millions of clones were created. Sadly, only a few can boast about being as good as this one.

The Blair Witch Project proved that you don’t need to spend millions of dollars in order to scare the audience. You only need a fresh concept and great doses of talent and dedication.

2: In the Mouth of Madness

Trent, a private investigator, has a new assignment: a famous writer and his unfinished novel have disappeared and he has to find them. This quest will not be as easy as he thinks. This writer hides a terrible secret that can change the curse of mankind in wicked and demented ways.

What happens when you mix the fantastic world of horrors of H.P. Lovecraft and the perturbing talent of the great John Carpenter? The answer: a world of insanity and dreadfulness opens in front of you.

Few films have such as powerful and disturbing visuals and decadent atmosphere as In the Mouth of Madness. This movie will destroy your sense of reality while crushing all laws of logic and reasoning. Can you endure this?

3: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The young and handsome Jonathan Harker has arrived at Transilvania. He is about to meet an old aristocrat named Dracula who wants to buy a new property in London. Dracula is not as innocent as he looks. He hides a terrible and great power only compared to his wrath and lack of mercy. Harker is about to enter into a world of horror and nightmares that no mortal should know or experience.

Dracula is one of the most recognized villains in cinema history. He is the king of vampires, the prince of the night, the master of darkness.

This movie is based on the legendary book written by the great Bram Stoker more than a century ago. Dracula is played by Gary Oldman, one of the best actors of his generation. With his extraordinary acting skills, he was able to give a layer of humanity to this perverse and evil monster. If you are a fan of vampire films, you have to check this one.

4: Ringu

There is a cursed video somewhere. It can be in your room right now. They say that it will kill you if you watch it. Reiko Asakawa, an intrepid reporter, has just found it. She is about to understand that the urban legend behind this video is real and now she has only a week to uncover the truth before dying.

Ringu was adapted to the American market a few years after its original release in Japan. Many say that the original is still better. In fact, they claim that this is one of the best horror movies that Japan has ever released.

There are great horror movies beyond Hollywood. Ringu is the perfect example.

5: The People Under the Stairs

The Roberson evil landlords. A trio of friends, knowing that this strange and creepy couple has loads of money, decide to rob their house. After all, it will be a simple and easy job. Sadly, for them, they will discover that they hide a terrible secret under the stairs of the house and the hunters will become the pray.

Have you watched Don't Breathe (one of the best horror movies of the year)? Then you will find a similar concept in here: a robbery that goes terribly wrong. Of course, this is where the similarities end. The People Under The Stairs is more wicked and bizarre than Don't Breathe and its villains are

more demented and ruthless. A great film to check if you haven't watched it already.

6: Cube

Imagine this: You awake inside a rectangular room. You have no clue how did you arrive there. Your memory is blurred and you are confused and afraid. You realize that there are six doors that lead to other similar rooms. Sadly, you don't know that most of these doors can lead you to terrible traps designed to kill you. I hope you can escape from that hellish place.

Cube is, simply put, a revolutionary movie. Its concept (a group of strangers who wake up in a strange place without having a clue of how they arrived there) has been imitated hundred of times (Circle, Saw, House of 9, Nine Dead). If you are into mysterious and gory films, then you have to watch Cube.

7: Thesis

Angela has to finish her thesis. What's her subject? Violence in media. Looking for assistance, she asks her nice teacher to help her with it. The next day, he is found dead in the school. Angela, with the help of a couple of strange and weird individuals, will try to find the truth behind this tragic event. This truth is related to her Thesis subject and she is about to enter a world of violence and decadence.

Thesis reminded me of 8mm (with Nicolas Cage and Joaquin Phoenix). Both movies deal with a dreadful subject: Snuff films. This is always an interesting subject for horror movies and Thesis does a great job with it. It shows how thin is the veil of reality and the horrors that hide behind it. A great film that all Alejandro Amenábar (Abre Los Ojos, The Others) fans have to watch.

8: The Dark Half

A very successful writer who publishes his books with a fake name decides, after someone tried to blackmail him, to eliminate his pseudonym and sell his new books using his real name. But the thing is that his wicked alter-ego, the one who wrote his best-sellers, doesn't want to be erased. So this evil half starts a killing spree that will not end until only one personality remains alive...

What happens when you mix Stephen King and George Romero? Well you get The Dark Half. I have never read the book, but this movie entertained me a lot ( a common complain is that this film is not as good as the book, so be careful). It has a charismatic villain and some good gory deaths. I am sure that a lot of you have watched this one. If not, I recommend it if you are a fan of Romero or King (and who isn't?)

9: Demon Knight

A strange and diverse group of people have been trapped inside an old motel. They can't escape because an evil and powerful being simply known as The Collector had surrounded the place with an horde of blood-thirsty demons. This nefarious entity is looking for an ancient artifact that can destroy mankind. Will this group be brave enough to prevent it?

Have you ever watched Tales From The Crypt? If you are a horror fanatic, then the answer is more likely a rotund yes. Well Demon Knight is a new story that rivals with the best episodes of that classic show. It has the same intensity and smart horror that characterized it. If you are a fan of Tales From The Crypt you have to watch this one. If not, well, then you have to do it anyway!

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