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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is rapidly approaching, and new toys for the movie are finally hitting the shelves! Though these toys don't include anything by LEGO just yet, there are plenty of new masks, action figures, and toy weapons.

As much as I dig the official Black Panther mask, there is one new piece of merchandise that caught my eye a bit more...

This is a Captain America helmet supposedly ripped right out of Civil War. The previous model of the helmet, from Avengers: Age of Ultron, featured nothing on the side — it was just a basic helmet.

This model, however, comes equipped with technologically advanced scope vision and even a gun on the side! And to add to the matter, the laser scope over the eyes even lights up! How cool is that?

Aside from me freaking out over this awesome new toy that I should probably not buy but am going to anyways, the advanced weaponry and technology may play a critical role in Captain America: Civil War, considering that is where the helmet is from.

This technology seems very similar to that made by Tony Stark, which would make sense considering the toy's design. At the top right (from our view) of the scope is the Avengers symbol. This implies it is part of the technology made in the New Avengers facility, which we can assume Tony Stark helped out with a little.

In the comics, Captain America and the rest of the resistance needed to find new technology to use that would not be traced by Stark (as most of the previous tools were created and tracked by Stark Industries). To do this, they used Nick Fury, who was believed to be dead, as a source of weaponry and tools.

In the movie, Tony Stark does not run Stark Industries, which means that the Avengers weaponry is not part of his company. This could imply that while Cap's team is on the run, they are receiving undercover shipments of Avengers supplies from an unknown assistant (likely Nick Fury or Maria Hill) from the new Avengers facility.

Though there's a chance we may not see this new upgrade to Captain America's suit, I seriously hope we do. Why else would this toy be released under the Captain America: Civil War logo instead of just the 'Marvel' logo?

This upgrade in technology could really help Captain America square up against Iron Man, as the vision lens could help Cap see where he needs to hit next on Stark's suit. Plus, that gun on the side of his head looks sweet. I can't wait to see it possibly come into play this May!

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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