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Fuller House was supposed to be good. They had an amazing idea to bring back a show that was near and dear to our hearts for a long time. Full House was an amazing experience, and when I first heard of Fuller House, I freaked out. I was so happy! But, after actually watching it on Netflix, I had second thoughts. This is my spoiler review on Fuller House.

The show in general just seems fake. Of course the laughter and applause is fake, that's with every sitcom! But there was many parts of the first episode where stuff seemed fake. The part where Jesse sings "Forever" once again, it seemed as if someone had sung it and dubbed their voice over Jesse. Poor, poor John Stamos.

A bunch of episodes of the series came out today on Netflix, and the next episode didn't have Jesse or David or anyone. It just had DJ and her sister and her creepy friend living in the same house. With DJ's kids. And the creepy friend's kid, Ramona. I then figured out the entire plot for this show. It just starred DJ, her kids, the creepy friend and her kid, then DJ's sister. That's when I just gave up on the show completely. No John Stamos? No Bob Saget? Is this a nightmare?

Like I said before, I don't like this show. I didn't even watch any more of it after I watched half of Episode Two. If they kept the three guys who make Full House Full House, I may have actually enjoyed this. It's weird how this came from the actual creator of the original Full House, because it doesn't seem like it. Well, you shouldn't really expect much from a Netflix original series. Still, this isn't Full House to me. And I don't think it ever will be.

Well, that was my review of Fuller House. It was just disappointing. I wish it could be better, but it just wasn't. Hollywood, please do better when you try to bring back a show next time. Wait, a Powerpuff Girls reboot is about to come on? Oh dear God... Well, I know what I'm reviewing next...


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