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In case you haven't read a previous article of mine, I made a short film . And I have been spending a tremendous amount of time over the past few months turning the short film script College Daze into a feature length script College Daze: Redux.

Why am I telling you all of this?

I have started a Kickstarter, which can be accessed here, to help fund this feature length film! All we're asking for is around $20,000 to pull it off. We're able to reach such a low price because many locations/props/sets/people have either dedicated their time or locations to us.

What's different?

With Redux my team and I are taking everything to a whole new level. This script is full of more emotion than College Daze. The script is more experimental donning a 20 minute long-one shot scene between our two antagonists. We have amped up the sexuality, tastefully, and we will be adding a party scene, which will be incredible (I really don't mean to brag).

What is my money going to?

Your money is going to a few simple things:

  • Travel expenses (for main actors, as well as for the extras)
  • Equipment expenses
  • Catering (for the main actors, as well as for the extras)
  • Professional cleaning (for Zeke's house after filming of the party scene)
  • Professional editing software

When do you expect to be done?

My goal is to have the finished product out by mid-September 2016!


There are many rewards you can get from donating to our wonderful project:

  • A 'thank you' on social media, and a PDF of the short film script ($1 and up)
  • Same as above PLUS the feature length script ($10 and up)
  • Same as above PLUS a DVD copy of the short film College Daze ($25 and up)
  • Same as above PLUS a CD of the original score ($30 and up)
  • Same as above PLUS a DVD copy of the feature film College Daze: Redux ($50 and up)
  • Same as above PLUS a signed copy of the script from the cast ($75 and up)

There are many more perks to receive from donating, and they're just as grand! And all my team and I ask is that if you aren't able to spare any money, please just share this article about it so other people can see!

Any questions can be directed to my email: [email protected]


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