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Ever since I was a kid, I've been the biggest Ant-Man fan and defender.
Ethan Williams

Now the reason I went to go see the documentary is because Kevin Smith spoke highly of it on Fatman on Batman, and the plot of the film sounded really interesting. Now I've only seen one of Michael Moore's films, Bowling for Columbine, so I know that the topic his films are very controversial. So how much did this film impact me? Was it good? Was it bad? Let's find out!

Good: Oh man do I love the plot of this film. It's about Michael Moore going to other countries and learning about certain laws or rules that they have that are like a million times better than America's, like that Italians get 8 weeks of paid vacation, or that Finland schools aren't allowed to give out homework! The way this film to conveyed makes it able to be understood by anyone, which is awesome. This film's goal was to really make you think about the status of the US and make you want to do something about that, which it exceeds at perfectly. After coming out of this movie I realized that America kinda sucks right now and there really needs to be something done about it, never before has a documentary has touched me like this one, probably because of the light humor of the movie really drew my attention.

Bad: I can only say one bad thing about this film and that's it kinda dragged on a little towards the end and felt a little long, but other than that, I loved this movie.

I can't believe this, I'm not that big of a documentary guy, at least about political stuff like that, like stuff I'm into like docs like 'The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?!', but this one I absolutely loved, so I'm going to give Where to Invade Next and 8.5/10. I implore all of you to check this film out for the sake of our future and how we can learn from our mistakes!


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