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I know, it's a terrible idea to go to the comics for any information or spoilers for The Walking Dead. On the show, Hershel took Tyreese's place, Carol isn't (too) crazy, Daryl actually exists (for now), Rick still has both hands, and Judith is still alive, even though Lori died from a hole in her stomach in both the comics and the show (think about it).

But sometimes, it's okay to search the comics for answers. I mean, just look at 'No Way Out'... the whole episode was pretty much ripped entirely from the comics, except for a few extra dead Anderson family members. Carl's eye, Jessie's hand, Sam's head.

But what happened during the time jump? The comics give us some clues as to what happened, what didn't happen, and what couldn't have possibly happened.

Carl's memory loss

In the comics, there's a period of time where Carl can't remember crap. Not Lori dying, not Judith, nothing big. And he seems unaffected by getting all this news again. Even though this might have been a slightly cool addition to an already-busy TV show, I seriously doubt it happened, and for two reasons.

First, like it said, holy crap this season has been busy, and it's squeezed everything into about 20 minutes. Second, the injury. In the comics, Carl gets shot in a way that he's missing about 1/10 of his friggin' head (above), something he'd never survive in real life. At the very least, you'd think it would affect his brain a little. In the show, it looks like the bullet just went in the eye socket and right back out again, before it could give him a lobotomy.

Getting real tired of your crap, Lori

dammit, Lori!
dammit, Lori!

Once again, with the loss of Jessie and Carl's predicament, Rick teeters on the deep end and imagines Lori giving him a ringyding on the telephone, the same phone that he talked to her on in the prison. Yep, he saved the damn thing. I'm 99% sure he didn't save it in the show, so this is another thing I'm filing under the “happened in the comics but not in the show” category.

Jessie's second death

give her a hand, GLENN
give her a hand, GLENN

This is one that kinda had to happen, during the clean up of the town. In the comics, Glenn and Abraham stumble across her reanimated corpse. Abraham says they need to put her down for good, and not let Rick know they found her. Whether those two were the ones that found her, or if Rick knew that she was reanimated, I think this might be something revisited, maybe in a dream sequence after a romp in the sack with Richonne.

This raises an interesting point, thought. If Zombie Deanna (Zombieanna?) got out of the town and wandered the wilderness for weeks, could Jessie, Ron or Sam also be out there? This would be something to watch out for in the next couple of weeks.

Abraham + Rosita + Sasha?

I really have no idea what happened here. Abraham and Sasha will be acting all weird in the next episode, 'Knots Untie,' like so: says Rosita is supposed to be in 'Knots Untie,' so I guess maybe we'll get a better idea if this is a triangle like in the comics, or it's just Abraham and his gun.

On a side note, you remember Angela Weber, Bella's (human) buddy from 'Twilight'? No? Neither did I, but here she is:

oh! yeah, her
oh! yeah, her

And here she is in 'The Walking Dead':


HOLY CRAP it's the same lady. WOW. Look it up. Cool as hell!

Anywho, however long the time jump was, and whatever happened, one this for sure is Maggie's still preggo, and not showing at ALL... STILL. So it couldn't have been too terribly long.

Bring on the hilltop!!!


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