ByOwen Montgomery, writer at

The gym, an escape for millions of people around the world, where fears are made, muscles are pumped and lives are changed. My gym is not near to me , I have to travel about 30 mins to get to it, on a bus and then walking the last leg. when i walk into the gym my eyes scan the room. The various different body types and shapes , the age differences. I get changed and i take a minute to embrace the energy in the room, weather people are resting, doing reps or just talking there is a cloud of excitement and motivated aggression in the gym. I walk up to the large rack of dumbbells and start working out. Immediately, I am part of the energy, the blood flowing through my body, i can feel myself getting pumped. I finish my sets and move on. I look up and see a very large male on the other side of the gym , aggressively lifting weights, he is sitting next to a scrawny teenager who is discreetly peeking and copying his workout. My first thought about what was going to happen when finally the bodybuilder lifted his head and stared at the boy was not a happy one . Instead he turned round and showed the boy how to do the exercise properly. The gym, a palace of aggressive , large men who are not as mean as they look. A place where friendships are made in a growing community of excitement and happiness.


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