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Pokemon fans all over the world became insanely excited when the company announced the next generation to be released "this holiday" with the titles, Pokemon Sun and Moon. I also, cannot wait for this installment as I loved Pokemon X &Y, and with the release of Red, Blue and Yellow this year, it's safe to say it's a good year for Pokemon! With a new Pokemon game comes tons of theories and speculation, so let's dive into 5 things we could/should see in Pokemon Moon & Sun!

1. The new Pokemon, Magiana

In early February this year, Pokemon announced it's 722nd Pokemon Magiana which shook fans all over the world. He/she looks like a cool fairy Pokemon that has a Pokeball looking object in her body, which could mean something. We should definitely see more of this Pokemon in the new games! The question is, will it be a legendary? My guess is yes, but not the one on the cover!

Probability: 9

2. A space location!

by Hamzilla22 @
by Hamzilla22 @

I think it might be time for some change of scenery in the Pokemon World and with the title, Sun and Moon, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the game (or one city) in space! Imagine how cool that would be?! The 3D feature could be utillized better and gravity aspects could be implemented smartly. Maybe a gym leader could be waiting for you on the moon for some galactic battling. Who knows, we could see time travel, hyper space, space ships, the options are endless! This would could be sorta far fetched though, let me know what you think!

Probability: 6

3. A Pokemon to match Mewtwo

Ever since Pokemon first started, Mewtwo has been the top dude, the almighty one who is the coolest and most powerful guy you could catch. I'd love to see a Pokemon that is at least level with him! This could be a totally new Pokemon or it could be an evolve from a current Pokemon, the most likely being Zygarde.

If you ever see peoples theories online, then you'll see that many people thing Zygarde has an evolve waiting to happen. This is due to his reasonably low stats for a legendary and the Z in his name might have suggested to the rumored game, Pokemon Z. Personally I'd love to see this happen, even though Mewtwo is my favorite Pokemon.

Probability: 7

4. A more difficult game

Pokemon is one of my favorite games around, but sometimes it doesn't quite feel like enough of a challenge. Now don't get me wrong, I know it's aimed for kids, but it's average age of players is probably 18+ anyway.. I just think it could do no harm being a little more difficult! But that could be just me, what do you guys think!

Probability: 6

5. Fix trading/GTS

Ok, not everybody will be able to relate to this one, but the people who can relate will understand. The GTS and trading online is a super cool and fun idea, but unfortunately it's plagued with fake shiny's and legendaries that make you feel as if you cheated when you catch one.. I don't know why people go out of their way to do the long process which it takes to make an illegitimate Pokemon! Hopefully we'll see that changed in the future!

Probability: 8

So that's what I have guys! The hype is well and truly underway for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and we can't wait! Let me know what you think of what I want in the new game and tell me what you'd like! Follow me too, cheers guys!

Check out the announcement trailer:


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