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Hello all.!!!BATMAN V SUPERMAN :DAWN OF JUSTICE is 27 days away and we can't wait.We are all so excited for the 1st instalment of the DC extended univrse.BATMAN,SUPERMAN,WONDER WOMAN,LEX LUTHOR,DOMMSDAY!*!All in one movie for the first time.Well should we be so excited, and what happens if the movie isn't good?

DC and WARNER BROS, I believe has done a terrific job, on how to handle such a big movie,from advertising ,to trailers(even the 2nd) and also to the right choices for the cast and the crew.But , the only thing that we have as an evidence of what those studios are capable of is only Man Of Steel.The movie (for me) was very good, it did had a good introduction to the character and also such a good villain and storyline that apparently can develope their whole cinematic universe in that.(Imagine if bruce wayne isn't the only character that was there in the distraction of metropolis!!!).

Zack Snyder has done some very good fantasy and comic book movies so far (watchmen,dawn of the dead,300 ,man of steel),but all of those films had a lack of storytelling in the script and not on the big screen,he knows how to direct visually masterpieces.The scripts though,were some times complicated or had some problems in developing the characters,can you imagine if those problems come back again in BvS?The movie needs strong story that I beleive that has and also strong characters.!!Well the movie is 2hours and 40 minutes long and in that time you can either want more of those characters or less.(jessie eisenberg...ghughu..).Sorry guys but he still hasn't sold me as the evil genius that i grew up with.(SUPERMAN :THE ANIMATED SERIES).But I hope for the best!!!

lex luthor in the animated series
lex luthor in the animated series

I am consered ,because it has and we all agree a lot of characters,so were they are going to focus on the most? We all beleive that mostly is a batman and superman conflict ,but where the bad guys are coming in lex luthor ,doomsday ,darkseid?I also hope that they wrote very well,the parts that wonder woman is in, because if they didn't, people will not have that hype for the wonder woman movie,because maybe they'll find her disturbing or not very dynamic.And on one way or another the cinematic universe will begin to have it's problems.We don't want that(and by WE i mean dc fans) because then MARVEL fanboys are going to be like..DC can't make an appropiate superheroe movie,they were rushing with this and bla,bla,bla.

IF they are right and the movie doesn't go well ,( and i don't mean financially ,because i am sure it's going to make more than 800million) but critically if does fail ,we don't know what going to happen,I mean they already started production on JUSTICE LEAGUE:PART ONE ,what they are just going to wrap thing up and push a BEN AFFLECK BATMAN MOVIE in the works.?Or they just going to ignore everyone and everything and develope the next movie.OHH jesus,very complex things are coming...brrr.

And does anyone knows what these JUSTICE LEAGUE PART ONE and TWO titles are? Is it a one story in half? is it two stories ?I mean between those two are an aquaman,flash and shazam films, so maybe they must take place before justice league part one...!!!

OKK..That's it for now ,we all hope that the movie is going to be good.., and to have an awesome BATMAN...,also, dont't forget BATMAN V SUPERMAN:DAWN OF JUSTICE kicks off the DC cinematic universe on MARCH 25th.....DON'T MISS IT!!!


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