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There's some deeply thought-provoking discussion to be had about whether or not this new cry for seemingly every single superhero film on the horizon to be rated R. In fact, many people have written very interesting pieces on the subject. However, I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about the bright side of Deadpool's success and what goodies it could set into motion.

1. 'Dredd 2'

The first Dredd movie is almost beat for beat a complete rip-off of The Raid. Yet if you're going to make The Raid again, the least you can do is pay your respects to Judge Dredd, cast a bunch of great people in it, and fill it with that unbelievably awesome gun. It was one hell of a great ride, going for a very "day in the life of" story, with hints of a bigger universe given in the world-building. It was no masterpiece, but has a respectable cult following despite flopping in the cinema. Now though, we have a much better chance of getting a sequel to it. A sequel that Karl Urban (who plays Judge Dredd himself) would very much love to give us.

2. 'Spawn'

Back in 1997 we got given a Spawn movie and... well, let's just not count it as having existed. However, there definitely is something interesting to the character despite his unbearably '90s angst. So, when Todd MacFarlane, the creator of the character, announced recently that he has a finished script just waiting to be snapped up, it caught my attention. Sure, I'd prefer to get someone else to look it over, and it would take a very talented director to make something really good out of this. But here's hoping this one gets a fair chance.

3. 'Hellboy 3'

I'm a massive fan of Guillermo del Toro, which means that if he wants to make a third Hellboy film then I really want him to make a third Hellboy film. The first two probably get more love than they deserve due to the lack of a final installment, but that doesn't change the fact that they are both damn good films. Seriously, if Ron Perlman is not only willing, but eager to have his whole body drowned in irritating red makeup, then it has to be good. Hopefully this one manages to ride the Deadpool wave all the way to theaters.

4. 'Sandman'

There has actually been a movie based on the absolutely fantastic Sandman series by Neil Gaiman in production for years. Unfortunately, it has encountered issues with finding writers, resulting in it having circled around for quite a while. The comic series was brutal, sleazy, and hardcore, focusing on Morpheus (not the one from the Matrix, no) who is in essence the God of Dreams. It's a very trippy, twisty turny and undeniably adult affair, which forms one of the best series I have ever read. The idea here is that seeing the success of Deadpool will jump-start the production on this film so that we can see it sooner rather than never.

5. 'Blade 4'

The Blade trilogy is a bit all over the place in terms of quality. But, if for no other reason, I'd really just like to see some good old-fashioned vampires back on the screen, and Wesley Snipes was consistently great in the titular role. Funnily enough, Snipes has confirmed that he's been in talks about reprising the role as a side character in a film focusing on a new protagonist. That sounds like a really solid premise if you can craft a new, equally interesting character to pick up the torch, so color me interested in that idea.

Wrapping Up...

So, thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed it. Are there any other films you're hoping get made thanks to Deadpool hitting it big? If so, let me know down below and until next time, enjoy your life.


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