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With the release of Call Of Duty Black Ops III marks the new chapter of Zombies. Before we get into that let's do a recap of what has happened in all of the previous Call of Duty games featuring Zombies.

World at War

Zombie first started in World At War. Little did players know that once you bet the campaign of the game would there be a secret mission and a new game mode. This played a cutscene with a crash plane and your character, a random marine, is laying on the ground from the crash. He looks up to see a figure running towards him and keeps running until the figure is revealed to be a zombie. The zombie runs into the character and the screen goes black to display "Nazi Zombies." The player is in an abandoned German bunker where the Marines must band together to fight off the horde of zombies until there eventually death. The map that the player is in is called "Nacht der Untoten" which means "Night of the Undead" in German.

Then map pack 1 came out with a new map called "Verruckt" which translates to "Asylum" from German. Here the story starts to develop and take shape. The Asylum was a research facility for Group 935 and You play as four marines sent in by the US government due to information from a spy in Group 935. The players are spilt up with two on each side of the map and they must turn on the power to unite to fight off the zombies. At the end only one Marine survives, Tank Dempsey, who is captured by Group 935.

Map pack 2 brings us "Shi No Numa" that translates from Japanese as "Swamp of the Dead." This was the map that brought us the group of Test Subjects that we know and love. In the starting room you see a one handed man hanging from the ceiling who turns out to be the spy in Group 935 named Peter McCain who was good friends with Tank Dempsey. This map also brought the Hellhounds and the round where they spawn.

Map pack 3 brought us one of the most liked maps in zombies "Der Riese" which translated to "The Giant." This gave us a lot more information on the Zombies storyline. It is revealed Richtofen betrayed Luwig Maxis by lock him, his daughter Samantha, and "Fluffy" the first hellhound in a teleporter to die. It also shows us that all the characters were Test Subjects that went under tests with Element 115 which is used to resurrect the dead bodies to become Zombies. Group 935 was tasked with created weaponry to help the Germans in World War II and they tried to use zombies as a weapon in the war.

Black Ops

I'm only going to included story essential maps so maps like "Dead Ops Arcade" and "Five" will be excluded. The first map we played in Black Ops was "Kino der Toten" which is "Theater of the Dead." The theater was bought by Group 935 after the Great Depression to control Zombies. In this map there was some success, but an outbreak stopped any other successes from happening.

Map pack 1 brought us "Ascension" which had us in a Soviet rocket station. We had a mystery man talked to us who turned out to be trapped and asked the Test subjects to free him. Through a series of events that is completed and leave until to be seen again in Map pack 3.

Map pack 2 is "Call of the Dead." It had George Romero and several A list actors as characters. The Test subjects were in the map, but not seen. This map takes place between Kino and Ascension. The group was accidentally teleported on to a ship in Siberia, Russia. The test subjects tell the actors to do series of steps to free them and to get the Golden Rod for Richtofen.

Map pack 3 is "Shangri La" which is a fictional place to be a utopian society, but is overrun with Zombies. The Test subjects must perform a list of steps that will help aid Richtofen in his plan. Once the steps are complete Richtofen will take the focusing stone and all of things are needed for plan to commence.

Map pack 4 was a Zombies only map pack. It released "Moon" and rereleased all of the World At War Zombie maps. This map is the game changer of the series. Completing the Easter Egg has Richtofen switch bodies with Samantha who has been in control of the zombies the entire time. Also three rockets hit the Earth and destroy a good amount of it as well as sending "Area 51" hurdling into space. Samantha was trapped in a Black Pyramid called the MPD which trapped the souls of Zombies to give the person in control complete power. This leaves the other test subjects and Samantha to die.

Black Ops II

Black Ops II had two maps in the start. They were "Tranzit" and "Nuketown Zombies." For the sake of length of the article I will excluded "Mob of the Dead" and cover that in a separate article if enough people want it covered. "Nuketown" was the bridge between Black Ops and Black Ops II Zombies. It takes place as "Moon" is happening and if you play on Original you get to witness the process on Earth. You hear radios about what is going on with Moon. Eventually when Richtofen takes over you see the Zombies eyes turn blue. Then when you die one of the three rockets from the "Moon" hits Earth.

Next comes "Tranzit." There are four new characters in a bus station on the now destroyed Earth. At this point, the characters are contacted by both Maxis who was believed to be dead and Richtofen. Both paths require the same thing and the ending has you activating a tower for either one of them.

Then in map pack 1 you are brought to China for "Die Rise" by Richtofen. This maps shows the theory that the zombies universe is one big cycle and this is becomes more important later. Once again you have to activate a tower for either Maxis or Richtofen.

Map pack three brings us "Buried." The underground mining town that is full of Zombies. You are required once again to activate another and final tower. This map has two different endings for Maxis or Richtofen. For Maxis activated all the towers for him will allow him to take total control and he puts Richtofen's soul in a Zombie for eternity. For Richtofen he takes total control, kills Maxis for good, and takes control of one of the characters. In the end neither ending matters because the universe is destroyed and everyone dies except Samantha.

Map pack 4 rolls around and brings us some hope. It brings us "Origins" where we play as a younger version of the original characters aka the Test subjects. It takes place in France during World War I and Samantha is no longer German, but American. She hit the reset button essentially and started things over in another universe. Maxis was bitten by a Zombie so Richtofen cuts out his brain to preserve it. You have to build a drone with Maxis's brain in it to send it to Agartha with Samantha. In doing this you get a cutscene. It has Samantha and a boy named Eddy (Richtofen) who are playing with the test subjects as action figures. Even now with Black Ops III out we still have no idea what the cutscene means.

Black Ops III

Now with Black Ops III there was only three maps out, but there is info on two more maps. I will include all three and I will update this article with each map if that is wanted.

The first map is "Shadow of Evil" and it follows a similar concept of "Mob of the Dead" where the characters need to be punished for past sins. It is set in the 1940s and the universe is full of H.P. Lovecraft references as well as including Cthulhu. The characters are met by a man named by the Shadow Man who states that four rituals need to be performed to cleanse the characters and pervent the Order of the Keepers from bringing there overlords to Morg City. When you get the Summoning Key and do all that needs to be done the Shadow Man betrays you. It is revealed that the Shadow Man used you to bring his overlords to Earth and the Keepers were actually good. Once the Summoning Key is powered, Young Richtofen jumps through a portal to take the Key and teleports to another dimension. Maxis says to the characters that they will die and the universe will be destroyed.

After that, comes "The Giant" which is a remake of "Der Riese." It takes place in the 40s after Richtofen teleports Maxis and Samantha. The Old Richtofen opens the teleporter and gets shot in the head by the Young Richtofen. He kneels over the body which we will found out later. You can do the Flytrap Easter Egg to have Maxis know where you are and to extract you when he can. The map overs a lot of detail about what happened. It turns out Samantha was teleported to the "Moon" and chased by Doctor Groph until she runs into the M.P.D. Maxis was captured by them and that's all we know about what happened to him.

Now is the newest map so far. The map is "Der Eisendrache" which translates to "The Iron Dragon." It continues where "The Giant" left off. The characters need to complete a certain set of tasks to shoot the Old Tank Dempsey out of the sky and kill him. Once you kill Dempsey you take his soul and it turns out that's why Richtofen kneeled over the other Richtofen's body. In the process you get the Golden Key and once you complete the Easter Egg by blowing up the "Moon." In the process you prevent Doctor Groph from completing his work on the "Moon" and prevent the events of "Moon" from happening.

Possible DLC In BO3

Through Ciphers and scraps of paper we have info on possible doc maps and where the other two test subjects are. For one it is a Division 9 facility, who I can do an article on, in the South Pacific called Pompeii and no it's not the one destroyed by the volcano. The other one is supposed to be found in Stalingrad, Russia possibly during the Battle.

Other Sources of Information

If you are still looking for more information I can point you in the right direction. There are two you tubers who can give you a lot more info than I can. Check out MrRoflWaffle and JohnnyJ25 who do excellent work in explaining information better than me.

Let me know how helpful I was and how helpful the sources are. Let me know if you want other Zombies articles which I'll gladly do


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