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Many shows are cancelled before they finish their stories, but few were as loved as Young Justice. The teen cartoon won many hearts with its groundbreaking storytelling, incredible art style, and truly universal feel. It was labeled by many people as a cartoon that continued the legacy of Justice League Unlimited, which was considered the pinnacle of DC animation.

Young Justice producer Greg Weisman recently gave fans new hope for Season 3; he appeared on Christopher Niosi's YouTube show, and said the "possibility is very real" for a new season of Young Justice. He has a cunning plan to get the series greenlit — which you can get involved in. The plan is threefold; fans must:

  • Re-watch the amazing first two seasons of Young Justice, on its new Netflix home
  • Buy physical copies on the first two seasons on DVD
  • Buy physical & digital tie-in comics from the Young Justice series, via Comixology.

"This isn't me blowing smoke," Weisman assured fans. "I've had a couple conversations with the folks at Warner Bros., and even a conversation with some folks at Netflix, and I have a basic understanding of how this works. So what I'm offering isn't a guarantee, it's a viable strategy. It's something that is real, that can help us get a third season of the show."

So, hope is still high that we'll get a new season to tie loose ends up, and bring cliffhangers to an end. Obviously the hopes of many people skyrocketed as the hype got real. That's why I'd like to remind both old fans and newcomers alike why the Young Justice cartoon should have a third season:

5. It Had an Incredible Amount of Characters

[Credit: Warner Bros., Cartoon Network]
[Credit: Warner Bros., Cartoon Network]

When first introduced to audiences, many people thought that YJ will be just another show with sidekicks trying to live up to their much more popular mentors. The mind-blowing success of Teen Titans aside, many thought that the characters would fall flat and seem too shallow. But boy, did Young Justice prove them wrong. Instead of going the Teen Titans route with mentors, YJ casually introduced the Justice League expanded roster — even characters like the Atom and Doctor Fate, who had little to no screen time on other shows. They also expanded the villains roster, avoiding generic sidekick villains in favor of big time Justice League villains, like Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage, and many more. They even expanded their main character roster from six to twelve.

4. A Real Universal Feel

[Credit: Warner Bros., Cartoon Network]
[Credit: Warner Bros., Cartoon Network]

I dare say, Young Justice did this better than the Justice League Unlimited cartoon (I am about to get a whole lot of hate for this). Young Justice did something totally different than any other DC cartoon to date: it combined a wide variety of characters, from different storylines and different situations, and weaved them all into a coherent storyline with impeccable action and drama. And while they changed a lot of the storylines from the comics, they managed to achieve something no other media could: to make it feel like a Universe. While the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, the Teen Titans or even the live-action TV series DC has on air right now, all expanded and created their own small Universes, Young Justice had a true Universal theme. They touched upon characters and storylines no one else ever dared to, including everything from Cadmus to New Gods. They reinvented outdated or lousy characters like Sportsmaster and Icicle. But most of all, they really made you feel that every action had a bigger consequence, making it feel like it's a real alternate DC Universe, something that only the Injustice: Gods Among Us game ever came close to.

P.S. Best Captain Marvel version ever!

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3. They Planned to Introduce Fan Favorite Characters

This image was part of a hoax of Starfire in YJ. [Credit: Warner Bros., Cartoon Network]
This image was part of a hoax of Starfire in YJ. [Credit: Warner Bros., Cartoon Network]

Young Justice had a fair share of fan favorite characters, including Nightwing, Batgirl, Kid Flash, and more. But there were rumors and suggestions by the creators and producers of YJ that new characters, mainly from the Teen Titans roster were considered to be added to YJ. Considering how both Beast Boy and Robin/Nightwing were part of the show, only Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg could be the other candidates. They also teased the death of Jason Todd, who we all know doesn't stay dead for long.

2. It Has the Highest Ratings of Any DC Cartoon

[Credit: Warner Bros., Cartoon Network]
[Credit: Warner Bros., Cartoon Network]

Let's be honest, Cartoon Network has a history of cancelling shows that are very successful ratings-wise. But Young Justice was in a league (pun intended) of its own. Young Justice maintained a steady average of 1.9 million views per week, every Saturday. Its finale, the 'Endgame' episode, managed to top cartoons like Adventure Time, scoring more than 2.1 million views and even more during its re-airs. It also has one of the highest ratings on IMDb of all DC cartoons, second only to the Batman: The Animated Series. The series also boast 28 award nominations, including three Emmy nominations and two Online Film & Television Association Award nominations, winning nine, including the Outstanding Individual in Animation Emmy in 2011 and the Best Animated Series Online Film & Television Association Award in 2014.

1. It Didn't Tie Up Loose Ends

[Credit: Warner Bros., Cartoon Network]
[Credit: Warner Bros., Cartoon Network]

Young Justice finished its last episode, 'Endgame', with two big cliffhangers.


Kid Flash a.k.a. Wally West died, and Vandal Savage was revealed to be working with Darkseid.

The storyline potential of these two events is enormous. Kid Flash's death gives more depth and potentially growth for the YJ characters, while Darkseid gives a immensely powerful superbeing and a master tactician as a villain for a third season.

Avoiding spoiling anything any further, I would like to end with plea:

If anyone of you really wants to see 'Young Justice' Season 3 happen, please use the hash tag and/or binge watch 'Young Justice' on Netflix, it's the best thing we can do to help save this magnificent show.

Do you want to see a third season of 'Young Justice'?


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