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Last summer, The CW introduced us to Mari McCabe aka Vixen, a superhero relying on the power of the Tantu Totem, allowing her to wield the powers of any animal. While we only saw her animated version, Vixen was properly introduced during last Arrow episode, Taken. After seeing Megalyn E.K portrayal of Vixen, I definitely want to see more of her in the Arrow-verse.

The First Female Black Superhero On TV

Diversity in films and TV will always be an issue, no matter what we're saying about the subject. Berlanti and his team have always been concerned with promoting diversity on their DC shows. So it is nice to see DC's first female black superhero on TV be Vixen. She's not a minor hero (far from it) but a member of the Justice League protecting her own city of Detroit. Her backstory is at least as deep as Oliver's and Barry's and as I see it, there is enough material to do something significant than just a one-off with her character.

Her Powers Open New Doors For The Arrowverse

Powers emanating from a magical totem are not common, even in a world as crazy as the one of The Flash and Arrow. Even if Barry's world involves time-travel and parallel worlds, it still operates under a scientific logic. The same can be said about Damien Darhk, there is still a logic about his powers that do not apply for Mari's. Her African heritage and the legends surrounding the origins of the totem would be an interesting and distinctive subject to tackle on a superhero TV show.

She Is Simply Badass

Seriously, how awesome is she? With Vixen, Megalyn E.K added something new and fresh to Arrow that I haven't seen in ages. For this reason alone Vixen is a hero worth the detour and it would be a waste of time to not fully-use her character. If you're still not sold I honestly don't know what else to say.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/9c on The CW.


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