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There will be spoilers ahead for the fifth season of Game of Thrones

Weeks ago, I wrote an article detailing some of the things I was looking forward to in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, hinting that there may be a second addition to it (link to Pt. 1 article in my sources, at the bottom.) There were many things that I left out deliberately because that would just be too much for one article, so here are a few more things that could happen or that I'm just plain excited to see.

Arya's Training with the Faceless Men

Sneak Peek Image of Arya in Season 6
Sneak Peek Image of Arya in Season 6

In the final moments of the fifth season's finale episode, Arya goes against the orders of the assassin order known as the Faceless Men, killing Sir Meryn Trant as part of her own agenda before his time was up. In what's seemingly a form of punishment when she returns to the House of Black and White, she loses her sight because of her actions.

For those of you, like me, who are readers of the novel, we know that this is just part of her training to become a better killer. In the fifth book in the series, A Dance With Dragons, Arya loses her sight in an effort to better hone her other senses so that she doesn't depend on any one sense in her efforts to kill. After she masters being without her sight, the Faceless Men give it back and then take away her others, one by one, all as part of her training regimen.

If HBO follows this progression, then we will be meeting a killer in progress in Arya when the sixth season starts. She will turn her blindness to her advantage, and then just keep moving on, killing as she goes.

Cersei's Trial by Combat

After she's imprisoned because of her incestuous and murderous ways, Cersei is forced to parade through King's Landing, naked and ashamed. After feigning repentance in an effort to be allowed to go back to the Red Keep, Cersei demands a trial by combat, in which a Kingsguard must protect her, due to her standing as the Queen Regent.

Though her first choice was Jaime, who's gone on his mission to retrieve their daughter Myrcella, Maester Qyburn presents an alternative in the reincarnated Gregor Clegane, better known as 'The Mountain,' who was seemingly killed in Tyrion's trial by combat by Oberyn Martell in the fourth season.

The Outcome of Jon Snow's Death

Whether he is truly dead, or comes back to life in one of the many fan theorized ways, there will be huge events happening in the future of the series because of the Night's Watch betraying their Lord Commander. The fan theories range from him becoming a Wight to join the army of the dead, being resurrected by Melisandre, to somehow being saved in the nick of time.

That last one seems highly unlikely since he did truly die in the books, but my personal favorite, and the theory that I agree with, is that he'll go the way of his old Wildling friend and his spirit will transfer into his direwolf Ghost. The biggest problem with this outcome is that the TV series didn't explore the fact that three of the Stark children are all wargs, with Bran being the most powerful of them. Both Arya and Jon have the ability to connect with their direwolves like Bran does, but only in the books.

Of course, if Jon does stay dead, the ramifications are that there will be a new Lord Commander elected, and the primary candidate for the position is none other than the character we love to hate the most: Sir Alliser Thorne, the one who orchestrated Jon's assassination. His election will mean an end to the Wildling alliance, and greater danger to the world of men when the army of the dead reaches the Wall.

Mark your calendars, 'GOT' fans! The countdown to season six is slowly but surely ticking away! Keep your eyes open for a possible third part to my series of articles before the date finally hits, there's still much to ponder! What are you most excited to see in the next season?

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