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In the film we learn to love, About Our Pareja Ideal, what we want is someone, the Good kisses, we have ideas for a romantic date, to win the girl or the boy do not we been almost levitate: learn all about love. Sometimes we were wrong to follow their Cursis and romantic Prototypes But other times, the film IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT WE WOULD LIKE and becomes a damn Place Where All Our Future we hope.

They create expectations and from small learn that it should be love, the perfect man, Prince Charming. Women felt maladaptive girl who just needs a touch of makeup to find love. Men have Cursis Details and soulful who do us explode with excitement. We live in the dream ideal of perfect stereotype and truth, we love (although sometimes, that makes us suffer Como Nunca EXPECT).

Here are some phrases romantic movies More Emotions As for you before and dedicate yourself to the love of your life.

“Falling in love is a form of madness socially accepted”. -Her

“The best thing to do is find a person who loves you exactly as you are . Good mood, bad mood, ugly , pretty, attractive. That's the kind of person worth”. –Juno

“I promise to love passionately in all forms , now and forever . promise never to forget that this is a love for life and always know deep in my soul that no matter what can we separate , we will always find each other”. -Todos los días de mi vida

“I hate how you talk and how you look , can not bear to take my car and you look at me like that. I hate those boots you wear and you read my thought. So I loathe what I feel to leave me rhymes . I hate, hate lie to me, and you're right . I hate that my heart happy . But even more than you make me mourn . I hate not having you around and I have not called. But mostly I hate not being able to hate you, because you do not hate , not even a little. Nothing at all”. -10 cosas que odio de ti


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