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The Justice League is finally assembling and with them comes a universe! So let's take a closer look at each of the members and the rest of the DC cinematic universe (DCCU for short).

Batman V Superman

The Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice will be the leading film towards the Justice League and has the monumental task of building a believable cinematic universe in its runtime of 151 minutes. We are introduced to Gotham, Clark Kent working at the Daily Planet, Alfred, Barbra Gordon, Lex Luthor, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and so much more. A French magazine revealed that Batgirl (Jena Malone) will be in the BvS and the villain KGBeast.

For the first time ever we will see the legendary trinity assemble...

Wonder Woman

Her debut is in Batman V Superman, but her solo film will follow the year after. It will feature a World War II setting and you can see in the image above that she is fighting what looks like German soldiers. We also are going to be introduced to Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman's love interest in the comics who will be played by Chris Pine. Wonder Woman is a Demi God who goes on a adventure to bring Steve Trevor back to his home.


This Flash will be playing by Ezra Miller and wears a armor like suit. This Flash is Barry Allen, and gains his powers after being struck by lightning.


Played by Broadway actor Ray Fisher, Cyborg is half human half machine and will make his debut in BvS, the art above depicts cyborg flying through a helicopter.


A God like being, this Aquaman has a different origin than we are used to, Zack Snyder also stated that he has the strength of Superman.


The only reason I'm doing Batman is because he has so much that needs to be gone over, Superman will not be gone over.

This Batman is older than any batman we've seen, this is after Dick Grayson and a even Jason Todd who exist in this universe

It's rumored that Jason Todds death will be featured in Suicide Squad. This Batman is inspired by Frank Millers run on Batman titled, The Dark Knight Returns.

Justice League

Our second piece of concept art of the Justice League, and it looks perfect! A image released in BvS reveals its main villain for the movie...

Darkseid is the villain for atleast one part of the Justice League movies.


The suicide squad features the villains of the cinematic universe so far. We have Slipknot, Captain Bommerang, Katana, Enchantress, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, and Diablo. We also have Lex Luthor, Zod, Joker


What do you think of this film universe so far?

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