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Sequels have always been a way to give the fans more, as a response to their typical undying support. Sometimes they are very niche and fun continuations of a property, and other times it is a well planned saga. Last year, one of the greatest sequel achievements in history happened with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The success of this film raises the question, what other sequels are we are waiting to see. Well, I wouldn't hold your breath, but here are 7 other sequels that we will hopefully get to see someday.

#7 - Ghostbusters 3

This is a tricky one, simply because we will be getting a new Ghostbusters film this year. However, it is going to be a soft reboot, and not exactly a continuation to the original series. With this said, there has been reports that a Ghostbusters 3 could still be a possibility, and Dan Akyroyd constantly expresses an interest. However, as time goes on and with the passing of Harold Ramis it grows even more unlikely that we will ever get a third Ghostbusters film. Essentially time came, saw, and kicked its ass from ever getting produced.

#6 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2

It has almost been 30 years since the original film, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 is still talked about as one of the most possible sequels around. Robert Zemeckis claims to have a script for the project, but it's difficult getting Disney on board. Bob Hoskins was a big part of the first film, and has since sadly passed away, but he had expressed no interest in a sequel prior, which Zemeckis accounted for when penning a possible script. With the improvements in live animation, and a desperate need for a good film in this hybrid genre (following the wretched Smurfs and Alvin and the Chipmunks) it would be nice to see a green light on this film.

#5 - Goonies 2

One of the more teased sequels recently, Goonies 2 constantly seems to be moments away from going into production. Almost the entire original cast is on board, and fans have certainly expressed an interest, but it's hard to say what is official and what is just a rumor. Maybe it's due to scheduling conflicts, or the fact that they might not have a good story, but we are going to have to keep waiting on a Goonies 2, just never say die!

#4 - Austin Powers 4

For a while, Austin Powers seemed like he would follow the trend of the Bond films by having a sequel every few years, but the last time we saw Mr. Powers on screen was in 2002. It might be interesting to see the role recast as a wink to the ongoing spy genre, but at the very least Mike Myers should have a few more attempts before he throws in the towel. He has lost some box office luster in recent years, so it's possible that he just can't find the right backing for the project, but it is a classic series, and I'm almost positive that fans would enjoy another.

#3 - Kill Bill Vol. 3

This one wouldn't necessarily be about killing Bill still, and actually Quentin had an idea about a sequel a long time ago, but it has not been announced. The concept was to have the young girl who played Vivica A. Fox's daughter in the film would grow up to seek revenge on Uma Thurman. Basically the movie would set out to Kill The Bride, putting an end to the overall journey of Uma's badass character. I trust Quentin, but at the same time I don't want that to mean he never revisits the property.

#2 - Blade Runner 2

Blade Runner 2 is supposedly ready to go, but it is pretty far away hitting theaters. Ridley Scott has wanted a sequel to his cult classic for years, and it seems like he has found that in director Denis Villeneuve and star Ryan Gosling (with Harrison Ford also set to return). The idea of this is amazing, as the original is one of the most prolific films about a dystopian future and seemed to leave the door open to more story. Hopefully this does not go the way of the Terminator franchise, and especially keeps the noir mysticism.

#1 - Spaceballs II : The Search For More Money

Out of all the sequels that need to happen, Spaceballs 2 is topping the list by far. It has never been more relevant with the Star Wars movies back in action, and a desperate need for a new Mel Brooks film. Recently, Jedi News shared a photo of a mock poster for a sequel that was referenced in the movie, Spaceballs: The Search For More Money. With some necessary recasting, and a few technical updates, a Spaceballs sequel just seems all too fitting.

The best part is that Hollywood seems to love sequels right now, especially if they can revive older series. Pixar has slated more sequels than ever, the Jurassic series just found a resurgence, and I don't see an end to the ever evolving Fast and the Furious. Mainly, all of these still have a good chance at getting made, so keep your fingers crossed that we will see the Schwartz Awaken!


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