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Recently, Netflix began taking cancelled TV shows under their wing and nurturing them back to health. With properties such as Fuller House and Arrested Development, Netflix has given fans satisfactory continuations to cult favorite franchises. In the world of animation, it is surprisingly common that a phenomenal show will be short lived due to budget restraints or creative differences. As Netflix does not try to restrict the creative freedom of their showrunners and have negotiable budgets, it seems like the perfect fit to revive cancelled animated properties. Here are 5 shows that would fit perfect in the Netflix framework.

5. 'Futurama'

Even with a sizable fanbase, Futurama has struggled to stay on a single network, first getting dropped by Fox and then picked up and recently cancelled again by Comedy Central. That might be a sign that the show finds difficulty with consistent viewership, but it is easily one of the more intelligent and hilarious shows of the last couple decades. The cast and creators always try to find ways to bring the show back, and the fan support continues to pray for more seasons.

4. 'Wolverine and The X-Men'

Maybe the most underrated superhero animated show since it only had one season to prove itself, Wolverine and The X-Men was the best look at mutant heroes since the '90s' X-Men Animated Series. It kept the animation style of X-Men: Evolution, but it borrowed more from the comics, and showed a deeper, more serious side to the team. Also, we haven't had a decent X-Men series since, and who can get enough Wolverine?

3. 'Batman Beyond'

It's still sad to think that Bruce Timm and Paul Dini's DCAU (DC Animated Universe) is over. One of the brightest moments out of this ongoing run was the original take on a futuristic DC Universe with Batman Beyond. Maybe the most interesting part of the show was the inclusion of the of Justice League members of the future near the end of the series. A spinoff of Justice League Beyond would actually be incredible as well, as there are comics that exist in this realm. Mainly, I just want to see Bruce Timm back to form with his classic animation and storytelling.

2. 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes'

Disney had one of the most exciting and vast animated shows in years, and they let it fall to an overhaul in the station's tone. Earth's Mightiest Heroes kept the lineup fresh with new heroes almost every episode, and storylines that paralleled some of the strongest from the comics. As one of the best Marvel animated shows, and a similar animation to the also short lived Spectacular Spider-Man, it's a shame that it only lasted two seasons. With Disney and Marvel's ties increasing with Netflix, maybe we will get more of Earth's Mightiest Heroes outside of the uninspired Avengers Assemble.

1. 'Young Justice'

Young Justice by no surprise has maybe the most support for a revival out of every other cancelled animated series. This show also only saw two seasons, with a very unique approach of a time jumping anthology, which gave the audience two different versions of the team to fall in love with. Who's to say what might be the approach of a third season, but most likely it would be the fusion of all the Young Justice members as they prepare themselves for becoming full member of the Justice League.

And while Netflix is at it, they should also bring back the Green Lantern: The Animated Series that was sadly cancelled the same year. If creator Brandon Vietti has any say, this show could be coming back a lot sooner than we think.

Although animated shows are not easy to produce, I think it would be in Netflix's best interest to explore some of these short-lived cartoons. They have had a good track record with their original productions including revivals, so I'm sure there would be nothing to worry about as far as quality. Mainly it's a chance to show the networks that they don't always have the audience's best interests in mind, and Netflix can shine in the hearts of fans everywhere.


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