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The guys at Netflix reckon the fourth episode is the typical point at which the viewer decides to continue watching a series or jump off the train, and so ideally, episode 4 of Daredevil needs to build on the best elements of the series' first three chapters to construct something fully satisfying.

In The Blood does precisely that. After a solid but sometimes uneven three hours of world-building, Daredevil discovers its rhythm in this strong fourth episode, with every character arc's moving forward whilst the season's grander narrative begins to find shape.

Karen is unable to let go of her suspicions over Union Allied, and attends an auction at which a bunch of the liquidated firm's office materials are being sold off. Her theory is that somebody involved in whatever is unfolding at Union Allied could be present at the auction, although the only real progress made is Ben Urich's agreement to dive deeper into the conspiracy.

The law takes a backseat in this episode as Matt plays the vigilante and a pair of Russian gangsters, the Ranskahovs, get in the way of Wilson Fisk's operation in Hell's Kitchen. A visit paid to the brothers' associate, still recovering from being thrown from a roof by the Daredevil, gives the Ranskahovs the intel they need to track down Claire Temple.

If Matt is able to find the warehouse the brothers have taken Claire to a touch too easily, there's a certain sadism in Temple's eyes when she realises her kidnappers are about to be brutally dealt with by the man she knows as Mike.

Claire's initial desire for Murdock to step back from his double life as a vigilante subsides after the kidnap ordeal, and before the hour is out the tables have turned, he doubting his ability to do good, she convinced that the city needs the Daredevil.

By some distance the most enjoyable element of the episode is the window it gives us into the mind of Wilson Fisk. After a brief introduction in episode 3's closing scene at the gallery, Fisk's dinner date with the beautiful Vanessa reveals him to be a thoughtful, emotionally intellectual type of guy - one who just happens to be a criminal kingpin.

If these two opposing aspects of his character don't seem to match up, they also make him a far more multi-dimensional villain than anything we've seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe up to this point. He's Daredevil's great enigma.

Episode 4 wraps with a brutal scene beneath the Queensboro Bridge which sees the more reckless of the Ranskahov brothers beaten to death by an embittered Fisk, whose progress with Vanessa was undone, perhaps permanently, by the Russian showing up at the restaurant demanding a deal.

"It'll start a war", Fisk's magnificently creepy right-hand man Ellison informs his boss. "I'm counting on it," Fisk responds. The big question going forwards is exactly where Murdock fits into Fisk's spider's web of organised crime. We'll know soon enough.


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