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With the next new episode of Arrow just under a month away, we have a 42 second trailer to enjoy. With that, we can dissect all the questions we have, but ultimately, this short trailer doesn't give us a ton to work with. Before I get into it, let us watch...

So now, the questions:

1) How will Cupid fit into things?

so much to think about with Cupid. She's driven by passion which makes her unpredictable! What role she could play is anyone's guess but we can theorize it'll be crazy!

2) With Damien Darhk in prison, is he still the villain? After Merlyn's piece in the trailer, we may have a new villain to battle!

With Darhk in prison, we can assume Hive is going on ahead without him. Will he die? Will he live to help Team Arrow save the day? Or will he destroy Hive?

3) Now for the ultimate question! Will Oliver and Felicity reconcile? Is their relationship truly over?

So, we know they reconcile. Our mid-season premier showed Oliver and Felicity on what seemed like a rocky relationship. Whether this has to do with the person in the grave (Felicity's Mom) or something else, we don't know. But I think it's safe to say, they are still a couple!

What do you think will happen when Arrow returns?

Tune in, March 23rd for Broken Hearts, on at 8:00 PM!!


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