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Nostalgia strikes hard these days as Pokemon successfully reach 20 years of existence. In these 20 years it was practically, theoretically and in every way impossible to stay away from this franchise. Pokemon have been everywhere for years from their own animation, to some of the most successful console games, to some of the biggest merchandise producing franchises.

But there were always some Pokemon that stood out from the rest, some that were always fan favourites and were the most popular.

So let's dive into the five most popular Pokemon:

5. Rayquaza

Rayquaza is one very popular Pokemon. It was the cover Pokemon for one of the most popular Pokemon games, Pokemon Emerald, the third and arguably the most powerful legendary of the Hoenn Region. It was one of the few Legendaries you would catch at a very high level and had a move pool very unique to other Legendaries at that time. But all this is nothing compared to Rayquaza's true value and true popularity; it was one of the most powerful competitive Pokemon. With gigantic basic and max stats at his time, Rayquaza wrecked everything. Eventually its time passed as more powerful Legendries were introduced to the game. Until, of course, the release of the Mega Evolutions when his popularity sparked again.

Rayquaza gained a Mega Evolution that first of all made him look awesome, but secondly gave him one very strong ability; Delta Stream. With this ability he lost most disadvantages in battle making him effectively a tank, and considering his incredibly high attack pool, he became unbeatable.

4. Tyranitar

A green powerhouse that was, arguably, the most popular Pokemon of the entire Johto region. Tyranitar was created as the Johto's version Dragonite, but it quickly became more popular. Instead of the guffy laid back appearance of Dragonite, Tyranitar was fierce and looked menacing. It boasted the, then new, Dark type that made him looked both cooler and more dangerous. His popularity stems both from his anime and game appearances but also thanks to his incredible stats and versatility in competitive Pokemon gaming, becoming even more popular with the release of his own mega evolution.

He still stays strong even if it's more than a decade old.

3. Blastoise

We've all been there, standing in front of Professor Oak, with him asking us to choose our starter Pokemon. Most of the time, the choice was between a giant turtle with two cannons on its back or red dragon. And these two Pokemon also happened to be the cover Pokemon for the Red and Blue games. While it's been 20 years since the first release of Pokemon, Blastoise is still one very popular Pokemon, becoming even more popular thanks to his new Mega Evolution into an even bigger turtle with three cannons this time.

2. Pikachu

Was there ever any doubt that the yellow rat wouldn't be on this list?
Pikachu is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and is a symbol of the Pokemon franchise. Being the starter Pokemon of the anime protagonist Ash, Pikachu has been one very popular mouse. He appeared in nearly all episodes of the anime, is a staple in Pokemon marketing and has merchandise created for him, from plush dolls, to school bags and lunch boxes. He is not particularly powerful in the games, but his cute appearance and his cheerful demeanour had elevated it to one of the most popular Pokemon ever.

1. Charizard

As unexpected as the previous entry, Charizard was a selling point for the franchise since day one. The cover Pokemon for Red, the most popular starter and one really rare trading card, Charizard always stood at the top of all Pokemon. Being the arrogant Pokemon that never listened to Ash and later one of his most loyal companions, it was popular even in the anime, where pikachu reigned supreme.
To top all that, he was the top selling point of Pokemon Games X and Y as he had not one but two mega evolutions.

In the end the right starter seems to have been Charmander all along.

Note: Ranking information on the list were made through a combination of online ranking and personal opinion.

To check out the ranking polls that this article used as sources click here and here.


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