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I wanted to talk about The Purge movies, since the other day I saw the trailer for The Purge 3. It looked okay, but it's the same as the other movies in the franchise being you're rooting for the "good guy". If you haven't saw the trailer, it's follows the cop from the second movie and a senator that's running for president. The senator is trying to stop the purge. Easy target, I know right. But I thought that there was a set of rules for the purge. Like no weapons over a class 4 or any government official that's a rank 10 or higher shall not be harmed but yet all crime is legal for 12 hours. That makes no sense to me. I want to know what's a class 5 weapon is and what office is rank 10 but I'm not going to get into the little things like that.

If you haven't saw the 1st purge movie, don't sweat it but spoiler warning if you want to watch it. I was calling everything that was going to happen in the movie. The boyfriend and the dad. The neighbors and purger’s. The neighbors and family. The homeless guy and the neighbors. While watching the movie, I felt like it was uninspired and I was getting screwed over.

The second movie was better in my opinion. I was rooting for this cop kill the man that he wanted to kill with the guns blazing and blood splatter on the cops face while killing the man then walking out like bad ass as the sirens sounds. Some of the things I saw coming as well like the cop not killing the guy, the woman killing her husband and sister, the old black man letting the rich people kill him for money so he can take care of his family and I even saw the government stepping in.

Now, here's what I think will happen in this movie. There are four theories to this.

1.) The senator will live but she will kill someone after the purge has ended so she will be a criminal then charged with murder.

2.) The senator will die by the hands of the people in the church (I think they're congressmen) which will cause an uproar with the people thus calling for the end to the purge.

3.) The senator will live but it's only after killing someone that she realizes the importance of the purge.

4.) The senator will live due to the people coming to her rescue while killing all of the purge supporters in the church thus allowing easy channel to end the purge.

This one is more of a joke then any of them but who know it could happen.

Joke) The Cop from the second movie sales out the senator for money which allows her to get captured and killed.

But if you want a more serious theory then replace cop with aide and tack it on the beginning of the four from above. I was very loose on these theories but I had two minutes of movie to base it on. I have some ideas for the purge movies. So come back


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