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Joker vs. Deadpool? Batman vs. Darth Vader? Wolverine vs. Predator? These are dream battles that comic book fans have disputed over for decades. Whether it be in person, at a local comic store, or on an online forum, fans have fought tooth and nail over their favorites for the age old question: Who would win in a fight?

Well, we live in the 21st century my friends, and there are creative-minded individuals who have worked their butts off to bring you the death-battle of your dreams!

BatInTheSun is a Youtube channel centered around "what-if" battles happening between popular figures in superhero/scifi/video-game culture. For each episode, they ask the question, "between ________ and _________, who would win in a fight?" and they go around asking people at local comic book stores and conventions who would win, and also post online polls. For the most part, the online popularity poll determines who wins the fights, and the creators build the plot of the fight around this.

However, the real joy in watching BatInTheSun's videos are drawn from seeing expertly choreographed fights, amazing CGI and VFXs that look like they were drawn from the movies, and seeing your favorite characters getting hurt and duking it out with one another! Here are a few of my favorites:

Spider-Man vs. Darth Maul:

Darth Maul kidnaps Mary Jane, and holds her hostage to blackmail Spidey into giving him the symbiote! What'll our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man do? He enters the abandoned apartment building, and with an acrobatic flip, frees Mary Jane while keeping the symbiote.

The ensuing battle proves to be too much, and our hero is overwhelmed by the Sith Lord. However, right when it seems that Spidey's met his match, the symbiote transforms Spider-Man's suit, and with a grim flick of his wrist, Spider-Man ensnares Darth Maul's arm and decapitates him with his own lightsaber.

The Green Ranger vs. Ryu

Seeking a worthy opponent, Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, challenges world-championship Streetfighter, Ryu, to a duel to the death. Both bring their A-game, with Tommy donning a brand-new Green Ranger suit, and Ryu assuming his Devil form. However, the power of the Green Dragon overwhelms Ryu, and Tommy takes the win.

The White Ranger vs. Scorpion:

Back as the White Ranger, Tommy stops Scorpion from terrorizing an innocent bystander, and the two trade blows. Showcasing powers that have never before been seen of a Power Ranger, Tommy makes quick work of the undead ninja, and demonstrates the brutality and strength of a true Power Ranger.

Joker & Harley Quinn vs. Deadpool & Domino:

In a hilarious duo-battle between two famous comic-book couples, BatInTheSun explores the hilarity and craziness of pitting up the depraved, but lovable Deadpool and his companion Domino, against the Clown Prince of Crime and his sweetheart Harley Quinn. The end result is as comedic, as it is gory and brutal. I love it!

Now, while these are the most popular videos on the channel, BatInTheSun actually started out making spectacular Batman fan films, like Batman: City of Scars

And the channel also has other great superhero-themed shows, like the documentary on Jason David Frank (the actor who played the White and Green Rangers) and a comedic short called "The Waitroom" where they ask the question, what if certain heroes/villians were waiting in the same room?

My Morphing Life:

The Wait Room:

So what are you waiting for? Check out this amazing YouTube Channel today! And maybe your dream fight between two of your favorite characters will come true someday!


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