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Whether you're young or old, everyone can enjoy a good animated movie. Production companies like Dreamworks and Pixar have not only created engrossing and entertaining movies, but also incredibly relatable characters in their films. Here are some of the most committed, concerned and cute companions from animated movies.

Toothless the Dragon from the How To Train Your Dragon Series

The first entry on this list is one that can turn from sweet to savage at the drop of an axe. Toothless the Deadly Nightfury is the protector and partner of Hiccup, and is one of the most adorable animated characters of recent memory. Despite his name and scaly appearance, Toothless has an enormous personality that makes it easy to forget how strong and powerful he is. Toothless and Hiccup have a shared bond of feeling lonely and like outcasts, and in every interaction between them, Toothless learns from Hiccup's quirky personality to absorb his kindness and ingenuity. When his pupils get huge and his ears flap up, you know you're going to see Toothless become amiable and lovable.

BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This spherical sweetheart has managed to steal our hearts ever since we first saw her in the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This droid may have been new to the Star Wars Canon, but fans everywhere immediately fell in love with her (Yes, BB-8 is a girl), if not for her endearing bond and connection she has to Poe Dameron, then purely for her small, circular stature. Any Star Wars fan would kill to have their own devoted droid, and having one with so much character like BB-8 would be bonus. This is made especially evident, because when fans were allowed to buy a BB-8 figure controlled by their phones, they ended up making it one of the top toys of 2015.

Stitch from Lilo & Stitch

Experiment 626 was created to make chaos, and instead he found a way to become one of the most fascinating and fun creatures this side of the galaxy. A companion to earthling Lilo throughout the Lilo & Stitch, he escaped to Earth because he was deemed too dangerous to be kept around any civilizations. To avoid being captured and sent back to captivity, Stitch decided to hide his extremities to blend into society as a "dog". Now whether or not you prefer him with 4 or 6 arms and antennas is purely up to opinion, but one thing people can come to a consensus on is that Stitch is one of the best companion characters that Disney has created. He may have instincts of annihilation, but he fights them because of his friendship with Lilo. After this movie, every kid wanted to go out and adopt a pet to include into their Ohana.

Pascal from Tangled

Reptiles in our day-to-day lives are seen as scaly creatures that should be kept in glass tanks, but when it comes to Rapunzel's pint-sized accomplice, we'd make an exception. Pascal the chameleon is one of Disney's most charming and irresistible side characters. His affectionate bond and slight sass makes him the perfect counterpart to Rapunzel's genial and optimistic nature, despite his inability to speak. Not only that but he's absolutely precious. With his huge eyes, constant smile, and green and yellow complexion, it's no surprise how this small, sweet reptile became entangled in our heartstrings.

Movie pets and accomplices are some of the most entertaining parts of modern films. And although most cynics say that they are there to market for toys, they also serve another purpose. They show that once people are nice to those who are different or lonely, they can become friends and make each other better people.

Which Movie Companion Would You Want?

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