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It is one of the biggest horror franchises around. The Alien franchise has spawned three sequels, two spin-offs, and one prequel — Prometheus. And the franchise isn't finished! There is a plan for another sequel coming later this year. With Alien being one of my favorite horror franchises around, I figured what a perfect idea it was to rank them from worst to best. Prepare the Nostromo, call Ripley, and put on your space suit! Here is my personal ranking of the Alien franchise!

7. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Wow, this film was a total letdown. I loved the first film, so a sequel got me really excited. I did not see it in theaters but I did wait for the DVD. It was a bummer. The lighting was really dark most of the time, the Aliens did not seem to be as powerful as they should be, the hybrid monster was not as scary as it could have been, and the characters were bland. The ending left me wanting more and the deaths were mediocre — shall I go on?

6. Alien 3

It must have been really difficult to follow an amazing film like Aliens but it tried damn hard to follow it successfully. For me, it was not that successful. The CGI was too obvious in this one and the story bored me. Plus, it killed Ripley. Although I think she had to die eventually, I still hated it. Any death of a beloved character sucks — it sucks bad. None of the characters were memorable for me. The film just was a big snooze-fest for me and I probably will not watch it again.

5. Prometheus

I do not even know if I should include this in the Alien franchise, but it somewhat relates to the other films. Unfortunately, it was not enough for me. I do love this film as a separate film, but as part of the Alien franchise, I ranked it low. While the characters were memorable, their deaths were not. Charlize Theron's character was truly intolerable, but the way they killed her off was just anticlimactic. That is not how you kill a bitch. Just no.

4. Alien: Resurrection

Although it was unexpected and strange because of Ripley's death in Alien 3, money helps bring new sequels, and that is what happened with Alien Resurrection. The film's plot was a little weird and they had Ripley come back as some crazy powerful clone, but somehow it worked. I enjoyed this installment and I love Winona Ryder, so that was a big plus as well. Although many fans did not enjoy this one, I loved how it resurrected the franchise.

3. Alien vs. Predator

I was amazed by how good this movie was. I thought it was going to fail miserably and it honestly should have. But, it didn't. It was action-packed and collided two franchises together almost perfectly. My only complaint is that when the action took off, many of the main characters were killed off so easily and quickly. It did not take the time for all of the characters to survive, it only focused on one character surviving and it was brutally honest about that. It was an amazing way to bring back two franchises.

2. Alien

I know, I know. I did not put the original as number one. But, there's a reason. Although it is a classic and I loved it, I found the sequel to be surprisingly better. This first installment had some iconic scenes like the first reveal of the alien bursting out of Kane's chest. The final scenes between Ripley and the Xenomorph were beautifully intense. This will forever be one of the best horror films ever made, even if it is not my number one in the franchise.

1. Aliens

My favorite Alien film! Aliens has some of the best characters in the entire series. Newt is just adorable. The story is really smart and clever in how it follows the first film. I really enjoyed each of the characters and vividly remember most of their deaths. It is a flawless film and I watch it over and over from time to time. It has such watchability that I am surprised I did not ruin the DVD yet. All hail Aliens!

Here's to hoping Alien: Covenant ranks high!


Besides the original, which film is your favorite?


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