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There are many artists with incredible talent, but not many get the approval of movie stars! Talented artist Megan Polansky, who happens to be a friend of mine, has recently decided to make a hobby out of painting herself as certain superheroes. Now she is not the only person to do this, but she is quickly becoming well-known amongst the stars who play the superheroes that she is painting herself as. Before I start repeating myself without getting to the point, let me show you some of her work:


Now she was doing this work for no other reason than as a hobby and because it was fun, so it was pretty surprising when the below happened:

As it can be seen, Megan's Deadpool literally got the approval of Deadpool! (Which is pretty damn cool). She is even a spitting image of Lady Deadpool! (my opinion).

Thumbs up from Deadpool!
Thumbs up from Deadpool!

Now it was after this that she started to think about her next "project." Eventually she decided to go with our favorite green-skinned assassin... Gamora!


I'll admit the first time I saw the final product, I honestly didn't even know that the jacket was painted on! After seeing it, I once again thought she did an amazing job. She created the look because she likes Zoe Saldana, the character looked cool, and it was a fun thing to do. She didn't do it for any star approval, because frankly lightning couldn't strike twice in the same place right? WRONG!

Once again, a huge A-list movie star voiced her approval of Megan's work.

Gamora Approves!
Gamora Approves!

So Megan is a relatively new artist but I think it's pretty cool that she is able to say that Ryan Reynolds and Zoe Saldana are basically part of her fanbase. I think it can be agreed that she is very talented and I hope to see more work from her in the future.

If you want to also be a part of her fan base, you can follow her artwork on her Instagram page of @MeganNicole.Makeup

Something to mention though is Megan is always looking for more suggestions of future superheroes to paint herself as. Anything DC or Marvel and beyond.

If you enjoy her work and want to support her, then feel free to follow her Instagram page and leave a comment here about your thoughts on her work. Also feel free to leave a suggestion on who she should paint in the future. I, for one, can't wait to see what movie or TV star enjoys her work next!


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