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Eric Derden

DC is taking prime time by storm. With the announcement of Supergirl and Flash doing a channel crossover what else is in store for tv. Here are a few suggestions people should pick up.

Both Arrowverse and Supergirl have vaguely brought up Batman and Superman. An online series of Nightwing is even out. Prime time tv could invest in the series bringing to the world.

Swamp Thing was done in the early nineties for three seasons. With the storyline the Rot making appearances in comics, a tv series could be epic. Especially if Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl make appearances.

A pilot online starring Justin Hartley (Strange considering he was Green Arrow on Smallville at the same time) made appearance. It was good and a shame it never continued. I think it should relooked at or rebuilt.

So there is a discussion for what's next for Vixen. Will she get her own show or be on Legends of Tomorrow. Both would be good but I would pefer seeing her own show. She has the potential and the back story for it.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Constantine I believe should be floaters rather than making their own show.


Which DC Character should have their own prime time series


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