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Let’s start off by saying we will have an amazing year for all things comic-book related. Excuse me for my abstinence, though I’m sure it wasn’t noticed. But I have returned to aid in the hype that has surrounded us all this year. We have just surpassed Deadpool. A record breaking, R-rated, low budget ($58 million), sat back-burner film. We see how well this year can go.

We feel how high this hype rises. Yes, to my fellow hype train attendees (subtle hint to you’s), the hype is on for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This movie looks amazing. God v Man. This movie is what many, myself included, have been waiting for. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman all in one live-action motion picture. Yes, we have our cameos, being The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. Though, I believe Cyborg has more than just a cameo, but we still have the trinity that’ll start this Justice League story off. And by-far, it looks astounding to me. March 25th, 2016 is just a little under a month away. WB/DC has already been great with their advertisement. We just got the list of IMAX locations from Collider. So yes, indulge yourselves with all things Batman v Superman. Either with their $100 Regal movie card or buying the early tickets February 29th here. Or both.

Then there is Captain America: Civil War. Disney/Marvel Studios movie. And from the latest footage release from Superbowl 50, we seem to have another winner in our sights. It holds many heroes we’ve seen from the past. E.g Scarlett Witch, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Falcon, WarMachine, Vision, Black Widow, Iron-Man and our titular hero, Captain America. This round, it brought us Black Panther and the unseen Spiderman. Near the middle of this year we will see this Civil War brought to life. Maybe Disney/Marvel Studios gave us a subtle hint off the business card of the Editor and Chief of Marvel Studios. Showcasing Spiderman, followed with a few other heroes.

(source: Comic Book Movies) This war will begin on May 6th, 2016.

Then there’s the catalyst of humanity’s destruction coming soon after. Fox/Marvel’s X-Men: Apocalypse roles in with a compelling story, full of our current slate of Mutants from First Class and Days of Future Past. The end of this trilogy brings us the newcomers, Cyclops, Storm, Jubilation Lee aka Jubilee, Jean Grey, Psylocke, Angel/Archangel and Night Crawler. What more can be said about how this trilogy will end. It’ll be massive and action-explosive and I also heard it’ll be emotional. Can’t say we’ve never felt emotionally compelled by any of the Mutants action throughout this trilogy. I mean, First Class’s Prof. X and Magneto’s fight at the end––to the battle for survival in Days of Future Past. I haven’t been disappointed yet. And X-Men: Apocalypse seems to be giving us the same empathetic drive on May 27th, 2016.

Who hasn’t been waiting for a villain story to come? WB/DC will finally give us that with Suicide Squad. The anti-hero flick has so far been amazing from what was given to us in the trailers. It has the humor, it has the raunch, it has some unknown creature smashing through a subway train.

Now we just need the film. We have the members of the Squad, Deadshot, Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn, Digger Harkness/Boomerang, El Diablo and Killer Croc with the addition of Rick Flag and Katana to keep them at bay. We know Joker and Enchantress play their roles somewhere is this “hero” fest, so they can keep that surprise until we see it hits theaters on August 5th, 2016.

Now, things will become mystical once Doctor Strange brings his powers to Disney/Marvel’s universe. A neurosurgeon who has experienced a car accident, that left his working hands damaged soon becomes the apprentice of the Ancient One before becoming the powerful sorcerer Doctor Strange. Additions being; Karl Mordo, the former student of the Ancient One, Rachel McAdams surgeon role and Mad Mikkelsen’s unknown sorcerer character role. They still are keeping things under-wraps, but it’ll all show in theaters on November 4th, 2016.

For now, we have news of Gambit coming October 7th, 2016. Director Doug Liman has signed on and Channing Tatum has the lead role. Can’t wait to hear more about it. After the success of Deadpool, hopefully Gambit can bring the same with his solo. All of this is the start of Comic Book movies dominating the film world. The list goes on as we have more to come in the later years. Check out this old semi-unofficial list.

Good luck trying to stay sane. We need to embrace the comic book movies. Check them out, before stating an opinion because our childhoods are literally coming to life on screens in front of us.

Since Deadpool has already graced our minds, bodies and humor (All puns intended). Submit your now most anticipated flick in the poll below.


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