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When you think of the best children and family movies, you immediately think of Disney or Pixar. However, it has also been known for quite some time now that Disney and even Pixar have been sneaking in cameo appearances since some of their earliest movie hits. Here are just 15 surprising cameos Disney and Pixar threw into their own movies.

1. Pots and dishes from Beauty and the Beast in Tarzan

Instead of having guests, now they are the guests! Mrs. Pots, Chip, and some of the other dishes from the Beast's castle in Beauty and the Beast made a guest appearance in Tarzan.

2. Mulan in Lilo and Stitch

We all knew Nani from Lilo and Stitch was an awesome sister, but she even has a hidden poster of Mulan in her room. The cool part about this is that both women are making huge sacrifices for their families. No wonder Nani has her poster!

3. Rapunzel in Frozen

Flynn Rider a.k.a Eugene and Rapunzel make a guest appearance in Arendelle at Elsa's coronation in the movie Frozen. The theory behind this is that the two Princesses, Anna and Rapunzel, are actually cousins. (You can read more about this in my Disney Crossover Fan Theories post.)

4. Goofy in The Little Mermaid

Now this one is a little weird, because since when could Goofy breathe under water? But here he is, making a guest appearance in The Little Mermaid, to watch the King's seven daughters sing.

5. Sleeping Beauty's spinning wheel in Tangled

Something has got to occupy Rapunzel's time up in that tower. So, what better to do it than the dreaded spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty? Just don't prick your finger, Rapunzel!

6. Nemo in Monsters Inc.

Goofy isn't the only one out of his element. Nemo is a fish out of water as Boo hands him to Sully in Monsters Inc.

7. Sully in Brave

Sully makes his own appearance in Brave as a craving done by the witch.

8. Sebastian in Aladdin

Per the Genie's magic, Sebastian is pulled out of a Royal Recipes book as the Genie attempts to find a spell that will change Aladdin into a prince.

9. Nemo in Brother Bear

Nemo is making yet another appearance, this time in the movie Brother Bear. However, without pausing it at the right moment, he can be hard to spot.

10. A Bugs Life in Toy Story

The story A Bug's Life makes its appearance here as Mr. Potato Head is reading to the little people.

11. Lady and Tramp in 101 Dalmations

This is a scene from 101 Dalmatians as dogs from all over are looking for the stolen puppies. Lady and the Tramp are even in on the search party.

12. Pizza Planet truck in Wall-E, Brave, Cars, and Toy Story

Pizza Planet Truck in Brave
Pizza Planet Truck in Brave

This particular Pizza Planet truck makes a guest appearance in quite a few movies, including Wall-E, Brave, Cars, Toy Story, and so many more!

13. Scar in Hercules

Even Zazu could predict this. Here is Scar, as Hercules tosses him onto the ground, serving as no more than a throw rug and a bad disguise. This easter egg gets even cooler when you consider this line from The Lion King...

14. The Incredibles in Cars

Now there's a crossover I want to see! Radiator Springs Drive-In Theatre was showing The Incredibles... I mean The Incredimobiles... in the movie, Cars.

15. Pixar ball and Lotso in Up

Advert your eyes, children. Lotso is back! Hidden in the corner of the little girl's room is the evil teddy bear, Lotso, as well as the famous Pixar ball as the balloons of Up travel past the window. What is even more interesting is that Up came out a year before Toy Story 3 did, meaning this was actually his first appearance.

Pixar and Disney movies may be for children, but they aren't created by children. The makers love hidden meanings and surprises just as much as we do, so next time you're stuck watching cartoon with your little siblings, or maybe it was the kids turn to pick the movie night, just remember that there are jokes and laughs in there for us as well! Did you all know these as well? Comment down below and let us in on any other theories you may have picked up!


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