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Writing a novel is the most rewarding and the most frustrating experience. I am constantly at war with myself. I want to be the best writer and publish an amazing book, but I don’t have enough confidence in myself to believe it is good enough. Reading Divergent helped me stop the self-doubt and take a leap of faith when it came to writing my novel. As I continue to write it, I feel more confident that it will be a bestselling book one day, thanks to the author of the series, Veronica Roth.

Veronica Roth Is Not Perfect!

Veronica Roth does not claim to be the perfect writer. Her secret to being a successful author is her love for writing. Reading her books made me want to improve my writing skills. When I read Divergent, I was immediately intrigued by her breathtaking and beautiful writing style and the way she crafted her story line and characters. She is definitely a great role model when it comes to young writers. She is only 27 and has had three successful films based on her books series, Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant.

The Divergent Characters Are Incredible!

Reading the Divergent series was an enjoyable experience because it threw me into a world full of danger, excitement, and love. Imagining a perfect society with five different factions was completely mind-blowing. The five factions included Abnegation, for the selfless; Amity, for the peaceful; Candor, for the honest; Dauntless, for the brave; and Erudite, for the intellectual. I was intrigued by how each faction was created and how they all worked together to live in this dystopian world. Diving into a world that frightened me but gave me an adrenaline rush became addictive. Every character in the books is relatable and makes you reach deep down inside yourself to find out who you really are. There was not one character you couldn’t relate to. Veronica Roth set the bar high when she wrote the Divergent series because it gave me hope that I could write books that motivate others the way hers did. There were three amazing characters in her books that possessed characteristics that taught me how to be a better writer.

Tris is a Fighter

Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley) a.k.a. Tris’ strength and emotional rawness drew me in like a moth to a flame. She is unlike most of the people in the factions because she can’t conform to one faction. She is divergent, meaning she has characteristics of all factions. She can be selfless, kind, peaceful, brave, and intelligent. She was born in the Abnegation faction, where they wore plain gray clothes and ate plain food to show that they were selfless and willing to sacrifice materialistic ways for the good of the people. She longs to break free from Abnegation and decides during her Choosing Ceremony to become the brave and outgoing Dauntless. The journey to become Dauntless was grueling and painful, physically and emotionally. The way Veronica Roth crafts Tris’ character as the underdog is inspirational. No matter how hard she is beaten down, she gets back up. Tris’ journey is similar to that of a writer because no matter how many times people criticize or bash my writing, I have to persevere through the pain and humiliation and keep writing.

Four is Courageous

Tobias Eaton, a.k.a. Four (Theo Thomas) is the epitome of courage because he has only four fears, which is why his nickname is Four. His four fears are heights, shooting someone, claustrophobia and his father, Marcus Eaton. His strength is immeasurable because he grew up living with his abusive father, who had to defend himself and his mother from. Despite his violent upbringing, he had the courage to leave his home and join Dauntless. Four was introduced as a man who was feared and respected by his peers, but he was also sensitive and vulnerable when he was around Tris. Four taught me how to have courage and take risks because in order to become a published author, I can’t be afraid to put myself out there and show people what I’m made of.

Caleb Humbles Himself

Caleb Prior (Ansel Elgort) is Tris’ older brother who chooses to be Erudite, to the surprise of Tris and her parents. He is extremely intelligent, which makes him arrogant and smug. He fits right in with his Erudite companions and defends his faction when Tris tries to explain that the Erudite are making a simulation serum to brainwash the Dauntless. In the second book, Insurgent, he betrays Tris by working for Jeanine Matthews, the leader of the Erudite and the villain of the book by telling her that Tris is divergent. In the third book, Allegiant, Caleb humbles himself when Tris and Four rescue him from being sentenced to death by the factionless. He realizes that he was wrong for what he did to Tris and decides to go on a suicide mission to release the memory serum that will erase the memory of the Bureau members, who control the factions. Knowing he is doing it out of guilt, Tris takes his place and dies in the process. As a writer, I have to possess humility. No matter how old I am or how long I’ve been writing, I always have to be willing to accept help and let people read my work. Without humility, I won’t be able to accept criticism and make my writing better.

The Divergent series is successful because Veronica Roth is such an amazing writer and her characters are way ahead of her time. They are her now a part of her legacy and this is just the beginning! I aspire to write like her because I want the characters in my books to speak to people’s hearts, make them think, challenge who they are, and make them love reading. Writing is a gift that God has given me and just like Veronica Roth, I intend to use it.


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