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A little late to the party could be said on this review but still needs to be written. Saturday Night Live featured a skit starring Adam Driver, reprising his role as Kylo Ren from Star Wars Episode VII, but in a spoof of hit show, Undercover Boss. Kylo Ren goes undercover on his spaceship as Radar Technician, Matt. The skit goes on to showcase Matt as an average employee, working for Kylo Ren, trying to find out what his subordinates think of him. Adam Driver goes on to bond with one of his employees, have lunch with several of them, and gets to see what it's like to be on the low end of the heirarchy in The First Order. Radar Technician, Matt is exactly what you'd expect from an intense character like Kylo Ren. Matt seems a bit unstable in some of his interactions with his employees. The character of Kylo Ren has been acknowledged to be a completely serious person at all times but Adam Driver's comedic talents come into light even in this role. Adam Driver's found a way to make even a dark horse figure like Kylo Ren seem likable and funny in this SNL skit. Some of the more recent Saturday Night Live skits have been criticized for not being up to par with some of the more classic moments but this is definitely one for the books. The only problem with this skit is that it only goes on for so long. I could definitely see an entire episode being crafted around Kylo Ren playing radar technician, Matt, going around his base, talking to more of his First Order "employees", getting into all kinds of outrageous antics due to his manic personality. Out of all the SNL skits I've seen, this one is definitely one of the top modern skits put together featuring a well-known celebrity.


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