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2016 is the year for Marvel to shine with their Cinematic Universe reaching great heights. This year we'll see Captain America: Civil War, self-explanatory, and Doctor Strange which will fully integrate the MCU within a realm where magic and the supernatural exist alongside real-world figures. Doctor Strange will most likely showcase Doctor Strange's origin story, but also the first introduction to the world of magic; we've been privy to a small exposure by Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron but nothing like what Doctor Strange will have to offer. Elements of magic are probably going to be the main focus of the film which opens up the MCU to explore other worlds and dimensions that includes the supernatural. The reason the supernatural world could be the next expansion we could see the MCU jumping into is for two reasons. One, Thor:Ragnarok is already expanding into the realm of universe jumping, along with hints to ties with magic; and the other is because the rights to three of Marvel's biggest characters that exist within the realm of the supernatural have just had their rights reverted back so these characters may be introduced within the MCU at some point in their own film. The characters i'm talking about are Ghost Rider, Blade, and Punisher. The Punisher is already being played by Jon Bernthal in the upcoming second season of the Netflix series of Daredevil, but Ghost Rider and Blade have yet to make an appearance in the MCU. The MCU already has a large cast of heroes and villains on their current and upcoming roster, and adding more to that roster would be careless if fans started to forget about certain characters. So adding more characters to the MCU simply because their rights have allowed them to be used in tied in films again is probably a bad move for Marvel which is why it probably won't happen. But if the right set of circumstances come to pass where the magic involved world of Marvel becomes a bigger interest to a larger audience then the introduction of more magic influenced and supernatural characters would definitely be a priority. In that happenstance, a reintroduction to Blade and Ghost Rider as part of the MCU would have die-hard comic fans clamoring for a loyal adaptation of these fan favorite characters. Blade would be harder to adapt to the current setting of the MCU; yes the character could have a place with an adaptable bridge between the vampire world and the everyday world to create a place for Blade but that connection is likely to be far off from now. One character that would be a welcome addition to the MCU is Ghost Rider. The rights for Ghost Rider have reverted back to Marvel and if Marvel sees potential in integrating Ghost Rider into their Cinematic Universe, then Ghost Rider will probably have a wild ride into the MCU. There is no direct connection Ghost Rider could be attached to in the current state of the MCU, but he could appear in future films after the introduction of Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange's involvement in the world of magic could see him cross paths with some unsavory individuals wherein Ghost Rider could appear, seeking out these corrupt souls to satiate his bounty hunter lust, although that's a bit of a stretch. We don't know how in-depth Doctor Strange will delve into the world of magic but if it goes deep enough to where Doctor Strange is opening portals to other dimensions and those portals open to places like hell then it would be possible for Ghost Rider to be one of the characters to appear in Doctor Strange's adventures. Beside the rights reverting back to these characters, Marvel would be smart to invest in exploring these unexplored territories seeing is that their lesser known properties are gaining more interest just for their association and connection to the MCU. For one, Guardians of The Galaxy was an unknown property but turned out to be a big hit. Along with lesser known properties, another Marvel title namely Deadpool was another lesser known name of the Marvel universe until the feature film Deadpool started production. Then that small unknown property became one of the most talked about topics trending on the internet for some time before and still after its release. Trying to duplicate this vast intrigue for Marvel titles is what the MCU is attempting to accomplish by investing so much into their existing characters, and the MCU would garner further interest from more fans if the filmmakers behind the films are willing to experiment by connecting the MCU to lesser known areas of the Marvel Universe that include the supernatural realm. There is an entire roster of characters within the Marvel Universe that have ties to the supernatural, these characters could all be viable candidates for the MCU to invest in and create a world around them so the supernatural world exists alongside the everyday human world which exists alongside Thor's magic oriented world as well. These interconnected worlds are why fans are so invested in the MCU, and starting another connection between unexplored worlds would be another spark of interest for fans of the MCU. There are probably hints of all these elements existing somewhere within the MCU, they just haven't been shown on-screen yet, if the question was posed to Marvel head Kevin Feige, he'd probably not deny the existence of these characters within the MCU regardless of the fact they haven't been shown on-screen yet. Doctor Strange releases November 4, 2016.


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