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(warning this does contain major spoilers for the flash season 2 specifically episode 15 )

OK , You may have heard this theory and if so I apologize if so.

so in season 2 of the flash rumors and theories have been flooding the internet as to who zoom could be and last episode we finally found out he his..... or at least what his face looks like. It was the face of Teddy sears ( the guy that plays Jay Garrick and hunter zolomon - earth 1).

This leads to the the theory, what if Jay Garrick of earth 2 split into 2 people ?, the good side and the bad side of him. Now I know you may think this is crazy, so i explain it. During season 2 Jay Garrick told Caitlin that he became greedy and wanted more speed and he created velocity 6, that's why his cells started to break down. i think as result of the velocity 6 it somehow split him into 2 people. his good side (Jay Garrick) and his bad side (zoom) and that's why they both need more speed. To regenerate their cells. Either that or the particle accelerator did more then give him super speed. so who is the guy in the metal mask ? earth 1 Jay Garrick (hunter zolomon) or some-else?


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