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Happy Birthday to those tiny Japanese bundles of joy and congratulations Satoshi Tajiri on creating one of the biggest crazes of all time. From the grainy black and white Gameboy cartridge, to schoolyard trading madness and now 721 little pocket monsters. But it is back to basics to find 2016's celebrity Pokemon. I choose you Leonardo DiCaprio, use Oscars attack! Polish your pokeballs, because here we go!

Adele - Chansey

Winning big at the Brit Awards, everyone's favourite manic depressive singer is here to stay. An infectious laugh and cockney swagger, Adele is impossible not to love. Releasing music like clockwork, we are looking forward to her album '88', but it could be a while off yet.

Lady Gaga - Vileploom

Hatching from an egg, meat suits and a stint on American Horror Story. Is that you under your latest piece of headgear Stefani Germanotta? The queen of kooky never fails to surprise us, so what she will do in 2016 is anyone's guess. Gaga has already been signed up for season 6 of American Horror Story, so could she be donning those razor fingernails again?

The Expendables - Dugtrio

Jason Statham, Terry Crews and Bruce Willis are gearing up for The Expendables 4. Our bald trio are as hard as nails and set to save the world once more. An impressive collection of action films under their belt, Die Hard easily tops the list. Let's forget about Crank: High Voltage shall we? We are still holding out for Crews to appear in a White Chicks sequel, only for another rendition of '1000 Miles'.

Perez Hilton - Growlithe

Rising from opinionated paparazzi with his own website, to his stint on Celebrity Big Brother and famous fall out with Lady Gaga. Perez Hilton is the man you love to hate. Just please never dress as Miley Cyrus again, spandex isn't a good look.

Patrick Stewart - Abra

Captain's log, stardate 2016. Sir Patrick is pretty cool, from having Ian McKellen as a best friend, to voicing Avery Bullock on American Dad! Patrick Stewart is the grandpa you always wanted.

Kelly Clarkson - Graveler

She may be looking a little bigger these days, but the 'Piece by Piece' singer proves she can still rock a crowd on American Idol. Arguably the best thing to come out of the show, the original American Idol is expecting her second child later this year and will continue to pump out the tunes.

Emma Stone - Ponyta

The super sweet girl next door, Ms. Stone has been in the likes of Spiderman and Easy A. With her fiery red hair and baby blue eyes, her butter wouldn't melt face makes her the kind of woman you would love to take home to mommy.

Beyonce Knowles (and Michelle Williams) - Slowbro

All hail Queen Bey and her Beyhives. The second half of Jay-Z's power couple, there is no stopping the former Destiny's Child singer. Michelle Williams still clings to those days like the life raft in 'Survivor'... Poor

The Kardashian Sisters - Dodrio

Khloe, Kourtney and Kim, the three headed monster. The Kardashian empire looks set to continue growing in 2016; releasing everything from perfume to birth control.

Mickey Rourke - Muk

Oh Mickey, were you left out in the sun for too long? Where did the fresh faced boy from 9 1/2 weeks go? From Sin City to Iron Man, he now looks like a melted piece of cheese.

Tyra Banks - Cloyster

Rocking the smyes, Tyra Banks means business. Her famous viral video of "I've never yelled at a girl like this" shows exactly why you don't mess with the (former) America's Next Top Model judge.

David Gest - Drowzee

The former Mr. Liza Minnelli, David Guest has starred in just about every reality show going. With his spray on hair and constant look of bewilderment, the 62 year old music producer certainly has some interesting outfits. Look out for his appearance in 2016's Celebrity Love Jungle Surviving Model season 12.

One Direction - Exeggcute

You must be 'yolking.'Before the cracks started to show and Zayn Malik hopped ship, the 1-D boys couldn't have been bigger. Starting from The X Factor, the five-piece band made it big both sides of the pond before finally splitting in 2015. Whilst Zayn isn't looking back, the rest of the boys aim to carry on.

Justin Bieber - Cubone

The brat with the tat... Beebs and his Beliebers are carrying his cult well into 2016. Crashing his Lamborghini and his bromance with Kanye, there is no stopping this young singer.

RuPaul - Goldeen

Ok season eight, let's get fishy. Giving us Pokemon realness, there is only one 'fishy' queen to turn it out on the runway. The original glamazon, RuPaul's Drag Race is one of the most memeworthy shows around.

Miley Cyrus - Mr. Mime

Foam fingers and twerking away with Robin Thicke, the 'Wrecking Ball' singer is a great advocate of 420; well it may explain her insane VMA performances. We aren't complaining, it is actually pretty entertaining.

Laverne Cox - Jynx

Orange Is The New Black has made a household name of the transgender rights activist. Buxom Cox is retuning for the fourth season, so get your Netflix binge ready for June 17. Also look out for Cox later this year in the Fox remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Kanye West - Pinsir

Well it looks like Zuckerberg won't be bailing out Mr. Kardashian in 2016. Who knows what the latest child will be called, Go West? Wild West? With an overinflated ego and his constant Twitter rants, perhaps Kanye should take things 'Yeezy' for a while.

Taylor Swift - Lapras

Squad goals AF! Whilst Taylor continues to play down rumours of her 'bad blood' feud with Katy Perry, she will carry on dominating the charts with her ex-boyfriend pop hits.

James Corden - Snorlax

James Corden, Stevie Wonder and carpool karaoke, is there anything better? Well maybe Sia refusing to show her face, or Bieber's numerous appearances. The cheeky Essex boy and former Gavin & Stacey star has made it big state-side with his Late Late Show. We are still waiting for him and Patrick Stewart to embark on carpool karaoke and relight that Glamour Awards argument.

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