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With the amazing explosion of popularity that Deadpool has received from the new Deadpool movie, his fanbase has increased dramatically. With the new additions to his fanbase, there are bound to be those who'll instigate the argument that Deadpool would win any battle because of his extreme regeneration, fighting prowess, and his ability to break the fourth wall!

Well I've gathered what I believe to be the best selection of 'What If?' battles starring Deadpool that the Internet has to offer, check them out below!

DeadPool vs. Deathstroke, courtesy of ScrewAttack

Ah yes, the age-old question of who would win, the original, or the copy. Deadpool was originally a copy of Deathstroke, who is a mercenary in the DC Universe. They share very similar traits, both sharing the same color scheme and mixing their fighting styles with hand-to-hand combat. But there are dissidents on both sides stating their favorite would win. Well, ScrewAttack does an in-depth analysis of both fighters, and then gives you the pulse-pounding conclusion in a well-animated action sequence.

Deadpool vs. Dante (from 'Devil May Cry'), courtesy of MightyRaccoon

Now these two don't really have any business fighting with one another. One's a crazy mercenary, the other's a crazy demon-hunter. However, they do both wear red, and fight with guns and swords. Huh, I guess they're more similar than I thought.

This battle is great, MightyRaccoon employs amazing 3D animation along with quippy dialogue, and a hilarious conclusion. (For fans of DMC who're disappointed in the conclusion, there's an alternate ending.....)

Batman vs. Deadpool, courtesy of BatInTheSun

Yeah okay, we get it, Batman can think his way out of anything. The Merc with a Mouth isn't one to simply take it lying down though. Even when he met his bloody end in this video, Deadpool will simply regenerate.

It still makes for a great action video to watch with its expert choreography, effects, and costumes, which make this one an amazing live-action 'what if?'

Joker and Harley Quinn vs. Deadpool and Domino, also courtesy of BatInTheSun

Pretty reasonable, Deadpool and Domino get to fight two crazed clowns in another amazingly choreographed battle, mixed with classic Deadpool humor and cutaways by BatInTheSun. This one's pretty straight-forward, but Domino is actually the hero, saving Deadpool's life, and ending the fight in stylish fashion.

And there you have it, my selection of my favorite Deadpool 'what if?' battles! Think that there are more 'what ifs' that you want to see? Think that Deadpool should have lost some of these fights? Tell me about it in the comments section below!


Would Deadpool win any fight?


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