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While the Oscars may be Hollywood's night of nights, the Golden Raspberry Awards are more of a thorn in its side. Now in its 36th year, the 'winners' (the term is used very loosely) were announced the night before the Oscars, just in time to rain on the parade of any Oscar hopefuls nominated for both awards (here's looking at you, Eddie Redmayne).

The biggest winner at this year's awards was Fifty Shades of Grey, which took out 'Worst Actor' for Jamie Dornan, 'Worst Actress' for Dakota Johnson, 'Worst Screen Combo' for both leads, 'Worst Screenplay', and tied for 'Worst Picture' with Fantastic Four.

If the Oscars are Hollywood's golden child, then the Razzie awards are the younger, disappointing sibling who acts out but just wants to be loved. Unfortunately, they were shown little love this year as none of the winners were able to graciously accept their awards. Instead, here are the some past winners who have accepted their Razzie with (mostly) open arms.

Tom Green

Like this year's big winner, Tom Green's 2001 film Freddy Got Fingered went home with a total of five wins. The momentous event called for Green to attend, making him the first person ever to accept their Razzie award in person. Not only did Green bring along a red carpet to roll out as he arrived, he also finished off his speech with a never-ending harmonica solo and had to be forcibly dragged off stage.

Ben Affleck

The 2004 awards was the year of the 'Triple Threat Ben' as he won 'Worst Actor' for his roles in Daredevil, Gigli, and Paycheck. While on Larry King Live, he was given his Razzie award by founder John Wilson, but said that it looked "cheap" and pulled the award apart. The trophy was then repaired and put up for auction, raising $967 that was put towards hiring the venue for the following year's awards ceremony.

Despite his major Razzie wins, Affleck went on to win the first ever Razzie Redeemer Award in 2015 for his roles in Argo and Gone Girl.

Halle Berry

Another big winner, Catwoman was nominated for seven awards at the 25th Golden Raspberry Awards but took home four of them. Following in Tom Green's footsteps, Halle Berry appeared in person to accept her award for 'Worst Actress', bringing along her Oscar for Monster's Ball and parodying the speech she had given for her 'Best Actress' win.

Sandra Bullock

This particular March 2010 weekend proved very successful for Sandra Bullock, as she was awarded the Razzie for 'Worst Actress' and 'Worst Screen Couple' alongside Bradley Cooper for All About Steve, and then won the Oscar for her role in The Blind Side the following night. During her acceptance speech, Bullock brought out hundreds of DVD copies of All About Steve, promising that if the audience actually watched the film and decided she wasn't deserving of the award, she would return the following year and give the award back.

David Eigenberg

Having never previously won any awards, David Eigenberg took up the chance to accept an award on behalf of the entire cast of Sex and the City 2, as they were announced the winners of the 'Worst Screen Couple / Screen Ensemble' award, as well as 'Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel'. Eigenberg collaborated with John Wilson to create a funny, short acceptance video, ending it with the text, “If you can’t escape it, embrace it.”


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