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The God of War, the icon of one of the greatest video game franchises of the new millennium apparently has a new feature film coming out or at least it is in development but... the most important thing that could make or break the film is who should play the main man himself, will they do it right?

Choices range from Vin Diesel and Dave Bautista but when you think about it, you need more than a recognizable name to make this character right! First off the first thing Kratos is known for is his amazing voice that causes even grown men to quiver in their boots. Thunderous and intimidating, his voice is iconic:

The rage and anger is so strong in the character that the voice actor even admits he needed meditation in his daily routines after playing the iconic God-Slayer. Kratos is rage incarnate, he is vengeance and fury that cannot be negotiated with and cannot be contained and thus his voice expresses these things in a memorable way that if transferred to the big screen, MUST be vital for the performance.

The second most important thing is his look. Kratos is no lightweight, he is a muscle bound beast whose physique is as iconic as his voice and weapons. His complexion before the ashes of his family is in my opinion clearly African american, his bridge nose and his facial features are clearly of African american genetics and as such i believe the actor should be without a doubt an African american. I read that Djimon Honsou has been considered for the part and after putting a side by side comparison the resemblance is uncanny! Truly would be a great addition to the part... but has Djimon ever taken part in a character that required so much rage and anger? This is the million dollar question!

The next actor that came into my sights as a possible choice for the role was the old school Spawn Michael Jai White. The moment when i decided White would be a perfect actor was when, in the movie Spawn, Satan asks him to lead his armies in exchange for a chance to meet his wife Ronda once again after his death. His response triggered a very Kratos-like vibe in me as his voice resembled the God of War in more than a few ways. On top of that White looks the part, his body is well toned and his body language fits the part perfectly.

The hunt is still on! I beleive that White is still the best choice for the part but i may be overlooking some new young talent! Tell me about it!

This is Odinson signing out.Have a kickass day!


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