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We are living at the golden age of superhero movies. Movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-man and Deadpool, redefined the genre and proved to the world that even the least known superheroes, with diverse storylines and motives could translate well on the big screen.

There is one company, which is known for its diverse and underrated superheroes that hasn't caught up with this idea yet, DC comics.

There are some very interesting superheroes in the DC Universe that should be getting their own movies, so let's dive right into the five underrated DC superheroes that need their own movie:

5. Martian Manhunter

Now I am not breaking new ground with this one.J'onn is one of the most underrated characters ever. With an array of abilities that rival those of Superman's and a tragic backstory to boot, he would have made an excellent character for a movie. He recently appeared on the TV show Supergirl and he quickly became the best thing on the show. A movie about the Martian Manhunter would be excellent to expand the DCEU and include galactic threats on a larger scale.

4. Red Hood, Jason Todd

The Red Hood has been the most underrated character of the Bat family since his creation. He was always the black sheep of the family and one of the most rebellious members. A pity, as he was always one of the most interesting. With a tragic backstory and his death, his connection to the Joker and his love/hate relationship with Bruce, would add up to a great movie. The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teases of a dead Robin are a great gateway to create the fabled Under the Red Hood storyline, and it's about damn time.

3. John Constantine

Truth be told, we already had a John Constantine movie in 2005, starring Keanu Reeves. Anyone who has read a single Constantine comic would know that depiction was terrible. John Constantine has been an outcast in the superhero community for years, he is considered dangerous and untrustworthy. A movie with that kind of careless rebel, partnered with a good R rating could make an excellent movie. His wit, his charisma and his magical powers could prove to be exactly what the DCEU really needs.

And if not, at least continue the Constantine TV show already.

2. Doctor Fate

Rarely has there been such a powerful, diverse, full of history and depth been so underrated. The character has actually two personalities, the human host, and the thousand year old, Egyptian, lord of order inhabiting the helmet. The helmet, and subsequently the mantle of Doctor Fate have passed many hands, including John Constantine himself. His incredible magical abilities, his backstory, and the aspects he could bring in the DCEU makes you really wonder why a Doctor Fate movie is not yet in the works.

1. Nightwing

DC has always been accused by audiences and critics alike for being too dark and gritty compared to the Marvel Universe. Well this is their chance for redemption. Amidst tragedy and sorrow, Dick Grayson was never as serious and brooding as his mentor. A leader of the Teen Titans, the Outsiders and recently a secret agent for an organization called Spyral, Dick has stories galore to be used for movies. With Batfleck having at least three movies to set up the Batman mythos of the DCEU, leaving the first boy wonder out would be a sin.

Is there any other underrated superheroes that deserves their own movie? Comment below and let me know which ones do you think deserve a movie the most.


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