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So recently at my local AMC Theater, all the old chairs were scrapped for these new ones in the photo above. They are bigger, softer and all around offer a more comfortable seat for viewing. But some may say its a bit 'too' comfortable.

As soon as these seats were ready to sit in, trust me- I did just that. My friend and I saw around 5 films during the month of December- four of which at our local theatre. These films included repeat viewings of The Martian, Krampus, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Night Before. I also saw Joy starring Jennifer Lawrence in a theatre I don't usually go to, but I rather not count this one..not very 'joyful' in my opinion!

I am certain that these comfortable new seats played a role in my movie viewing experience. The reclinable seat made viewing from any angle seamless, even from the front row! However, I started to think "damn, I should take my shoes off. That would put the cherry on top". Of course, I ddi not actually do this (no judgment if you have!). But my point is; is that a good thing? Is it sanitary, or just not the right place to do so?

I do think this is the right direction for AMC, and theaters as a whole. But to a degree. Take this image above for example, three words come to mind. REALLY-BIG-TRAYS. Do you want to know what else that means? More food, which immediately interprets to the smell of food and more noise in the already noisy theater. People opening there bags of Swedish fish during the important scene only to drop it all on the sticky theater floor sounds like a whole lot of karma to me! These days it seems like folks don't care about other's movie going experience an longer. For example, I saw Deadpool twice this month. Both times the movie goers in front of me are using there cellphones, talking aloud, even kids were in the theatre. It was a hard R for a reason people!

I guess my overriding thought is that if these theaters are getting more comfortable, so will the viewers. Stay with me on this one! Ok, so the more comfort the better. We can all agree on that, but with great comfort comes great irresponsibility. Some folks take it an inch, the others- a mile. They disregard theater policy, don't necessarily care for the other viewers experience and that just makes the whole thing a little uneven. I hope this levels out!

End Theater Rant. Let us know your opinion, do you think the theaters are getting a bit to comfortable and some movie goers may take advantage of that? Leave a comment below!


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