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You may not have heard about Katawa Shoujo. It's a game in the style of dating simulations from Japan. A boy discovers he has cardiac dysrhythmia and he now has to be very careful or he could die. He's sent to a special school for people who have disabilities.

One girl is blind, another is deaf, yet another is missing limbs, just to give a few examples. Gradually, the boy grows closer to the girls and develops a relationship. There are five girls you can have him pursue and it's all based on what you choose to say. It's laid out like this:

Image courtesy of Four Leaf Studios
Image courtesy of Four Leaf Studios

There's an option to turn adult content off, but honestly the adult content isn't that serious. Yes it is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) but otherwise it's pretty much just an innocent love story that deals with a lot of tough subjects. The gameplay is smooth and easy to learn, and the graphics are beautifully done. The game is free, in English and you can download it HERE.

Now, another company is in the process of creating a sequel to Katawa Shoujo. Instead of Four Leaf Studios, this game will be created by Music Box Studios. There are only rumours as to what it will be like at this point, but it is said that they are considering a female protagonist with gender swapped characters.

Another rumour circulating says that the main character will be one who is already at the school at the same time as Katawa Shoujo's protagonist, Hisao. Music Box Studios HAS confirmed that the game will have a completely different storyline from its predecessor, though it will still be set in the same school.

I highly recommend the first game and its lovely storytelling, so it's easy to tell I'm excited for the second game.

What about you?

Are you looking forward to Katawa Shoujo 2? Have you played the first game?


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