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Now that "Richonne" is officially a thing on The Walking Dead, things are about to get a whole lot more steamy and complicated on the TV series. What's a little romance if it doesn't have any drama? I'd love to see Rick and Michonne go as far as they can, but dammit, this is The Walking Dead we're talking about. Setting aside my pessimistic attitude, it's refreshing to see Rick and Michonne as a pair, but there have been other TV couples that have given me butterflies. Catch the list below to see which TV series couples re-define .

1. Cory and Topanga ('Boy Meets World')

From the beginning of Boy Meets World, you're introduced to Cory and Topanga as innocent friends that blossom into something more. You can see their romance evolve from when they first start dating to their marriage on the TV series. On top of that, they're still together as seen on Girl Meets World!

2. Alicia and Will ('The Good Wife')

If you're not watching The Good Wife, catch up with the show on Netflix now before the series ends on CBS. Alicia and Will is one of those relationships you just want to keep going (even though you know she's married, making their relationship even steamier). The two look good together in and outside of the bed, especially when they're fighting against each other on opposite sides of the court.

3. Olivia and Fitz ('Scandal')

Shonda Rhimes knows how to play with your heartstrings. Olivia and Fitz's relationship is way too hot. Who the hell wouldn't want to date a hot president or a beautiful lawyer? But of course, there are always going to be complications between the two, making their relationship even more fun to watch as they try to overcome their obstacles.

4. Buffy and Angel ('Buffy the Vampire Slayer')

Of course I had to put these two into this list. From the moment you meet Buffy and Angel onscreen, you can already feel the sexual tension growing. Their relationship is wrong on so many levels, with Buffy being a vampire slayer and Angel being a vampire, but seeing them together makes me giddy. They have each other's backs during fights, making them a couple not to mess with.

Season 2's finale is still one of my most heartbreaking moments, as Buffy was forced to send Angel to hell by stabbing him with a sword — right before she told him she loved him.

5. Carrie and Mr. Big ('Sex and the City')

Carrie and Big have always been doing some sort of dance with each other throughout the series. Their on-again off-again relationship was such a rollercoaster that it was finally a relief when you saw the two get back together in the series finale. Although the series finale was a bit clichéd, with Big chasing after Carrie in Paris, it was still a relief that after so many years of playing with the viewers' hearts, they finally stay together.

Who are some of your favorite TV series couples that give you ? Let me know in the comments below!


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