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Film adapted from books are all the rage right now. You have the "Harry Potter" series, "The Hunger Games", "Divergent" and so many more that sometimes its hard to keep count. I love books, I have so many favourite series and stand alone books. Some of my favourite have already been made into movies which are spectacular while other favourites have been made into films which I would rather didn't exist...(I'M LOOKING AT YOU THE PERCY JACKSON FILMS).

With so many books throughout the world , there is countless material in which to create badass films with, something which would appeal to fans of whatever series and give credits to the books in which they are based on.

In this article I'm counting down my favourite books and series of books or even play material which I feel would make great films.

*Please note: one or two of my countdown have already been made into films but I don't count them because the films are a disgrace to great books.*

1: The Percy Jackson series:

The Percy Jackson Series.
The Percy Jackson Series.

What's that I hear you say? Yes, the first two books of the "The Percy Jackson" series are already films, with "The Titan's Curse" being rumoured to become a thing. The problem with the existing films go completely against author Rick Riordan beloved series. Basically the films were "Hollywoodised". What I mean is: the main character was aged up to be more appealing (hot) towards teenaged markets. Interesting myths of Greek gods were downplayed as producers felt it wouldn't be a good marketing strategy. The story was changed to three teenagers travelling around the States looking for pearls.

While the second film is an improvement to the first, it still does not compare to the book, as Kronos arises in the film......thats the biggest mistake and how that was agreed I'll never know...

So yes. I feel like this series should be remade, something actually based the books, not just a story with the characters from the books in them.

Also, if these books were ever made in films again, done properly could lead to making of "The Heroes of Olympus" books into films. this book series is aimed more at a older crowd than "The Percy Jackson" series, and could be some very popular films.

2.172 Hours on the Moon.

Sci-fi thriller "172 Hours on the Moon."
Sci-fi thriller "172 Hours on the Moon."

One of my favourite books that I have only read recently. "172 Hours on the Moon" was suggested to me by a friend. I kinda regret the fact and I am grateful that I listened to him. I think if made into a film "172 Hours on the Moon" would appeal to a large audience, the book while aimed at young adults has themes which would terrify older generations as well. The book made my heart race when I was reading it, and that same terror I feel would translate very well to cinema, creating a suspenseful film that makes you grip the arms of your chair.

3. All my Sons.

All my Sons
All my Sons

"All my Sons" is already and established play, and a very successful one at that. I came across this play when I had to study it for my Leaving Certificate. I immediately fell in love with it. Everything about the story is captivating, the characters, their lives, the way the story progresses. The themes within the play are things which would flow quite easily on film.

"All my Sons" is a play that has been running successfully since 1947, and the latest film adaption was in 1987. Adapting this play into a film nowadays would be a great way to introduce this fantastic play to today's generations.

4. Will Grayson, Will Grayson.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson.
Will Grayson, Will Grayson.

John Green books are very popular lately for film adaptions, they may not be very good books, but their film counterparts are appealing to the young adults looking for a coming-of-age story. One story I feel does not get enough recognition is "Will Grayson, Will Grayson", my favourite of John Green's books and that may be something to do with the fact he didn't fully write it. Following two boys with the same name, both completely different to the other.

The story would fit great into the cinematic universe with themes hot off the press, such as part of the story revolves around "The Gay Straight Alliance" between the main characters one who is straight while the other is gay. Unlike other John Green books teenage love does not play a major part in the story in fact one character gets his heart and head played with in the story.

There are many appealing aspects of "Will Grayson, Will Grayson" which would make it a great film to watch.

And those are my picks. There are plenty of other great stories which could be made into even great films, but these are my favourite (also didn't want to bore you with everything I had in my head), while some of the reading material I have chosen do have film counterparts, those that do deserve to have their adaptions brought up to date or their stories remade to give fans of them the story they deserve. The books which have yet to be adapted deserve simply because people need to interact with these stories as much as possible and see favourite character come to life.


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