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While some have been nominated for Oscars in the past, not everyone on this list has even been that lucky. While it may seem like these actors and actresses were, or are, destined for greatness, that doesn't mean that the Academy feels the same way.

With this list, we will focus on the most surprising Oscar snubs. This will include performers who have received nominations in the past, but it also includes actors who have not received any sort of recognition from the Academy. What makes this so surprising? Well, quite simply, these are amazing performers and it's just a shock that they haven't received high honors for their craft.

12. Brad Pitt

Although Pitt technically took home a statue as a producer for 12 Years a Slave, he has never taken home an award based on performance. He received nominations for Twelve Monkeys (1995) and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008).

11. Michelle Pfeiffer

Similar to the saying of always a bridesmaid but never a bride, Pfeiffer might always just be a nominee and never a winner. She's received nominations for Dangerous Liaisons (1988), The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989), and Love Field (1992).

10. Robert Downey, Jr.

Although some might consider his career to be nothing more than superhero movies at this point, Downey, Jr. does have an impressive career behind him including two Oscar nominations. He was previously up for Chaplin (1992) and Tropic Thunder (2008).

9. Glenn Close

Glenn Close is easily one of the most versatile and committed actresses in Hollywood, but she has yet to take home that coveted Oscar statue. Close has received six nominations for The World According to Garp (1982), The Big Chill (1983), The Natural (1984), Fatal Attraction (1987), Dangerous Liasions (1988), and Albert Nobbs (2011).

8. Annette Benning

Benning has an extensive history with awards season including Golden Globe and BAFTA awards, but she has never managed to win an Oscar after four attempts. She was nominated for The Grifters (1990), American Beauty (1999), Being Julia (2004), and The Kids Are All Right (2010).

7. Ewan McGregor

Despite having a fantastic career including films like Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge!, Big Fish, and Young Adam, the Scottish actor has never even received an Oscar-nomination. Shame on you, Academy.

6. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has had a lengthy career filled with fan favorites and critically acclaimed films, but even with all of that he's only managed to receive one nomination. He was nominated for Witness (1985), but he couldn't walk away with the win.

5. Bill Murray

Bill Murray has risen to a sort of icon status among moviegoers and is regarded as a comedic genius. However, even after his transition into more serious roles, he only managed to gain one nomination for Lost in Translation (2003).

4. Joaquin Phoenix

Many have thought he was a lock to win for his portrayal of Johnny Cash in Walk the Line (2005), but he didn't receive enough Academy support. He also lost out on statues for Gladiator (2000) and The Master (2012).

3. Amy Adams

It seems like Amy Adams gains a nomination almost every year, but she has yet to actually take a statue home. She's received nominations for Junebug (2005), Doubt (2008), The Fighter (2010), The Master (2012), and American Hustle (2013).

2. Viola Davis

Davis has continued to receive praise for her film and television roles, but she hasn't seemed to have the same luck when it comes to the Oscars. She's been nominated for Doubt (2008) and The Help (2011).

1. Johnny Depp

Many believe that Depp's commitment is cause enough to finally grant him an Oscar win. He is downright unrecognizable in many of his roles, but even with that he's lost out on wins and nominations throughout the years. The nominations he has received were for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), Finding Neverland (2004), and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007).


Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio has become more of an internet meme with his five nominations and deserved wins gone astray. However, he is nominated this year for The Revenant (2015) and it's believed by many that tonight might be Leo's night. He's previously been nominated for What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993), The Aviator (2003), Blood Diamond (2006), and The Wolf of Wall Street (2013).


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