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The 1977 Disney musical, [Pete’s Dragon](tag:896681), is the next classic movie on the list receiving the remake treatment. The original movie set in the early 1900s featured the story of a boy named Pete and his invisible dragon, Elliot. The dragon was basically a cartoon animation added to the live-action feature film giving it a bit of a cartoonish feel. There is no surprise Disney would use this as an opportunity to re-imagine the film during a time film makers focus so heavily on CGI. Being almost 40 years old, this gives Disney a chance to tell the story to a whole new group of moviegoers many of which may have never even heard of the original.

The 1977 Film

The upbeat tale tells the story of an orphan, Pete, escaping the grasp of his abusive foster family and his only friend, Elliot, who happens to be a green and purple invisible flying dragon. Pete finds refuge in a fishing town where he tries to keep Elliot out of sight and more importantly out of trouble. With help from the lighthouse keeper and his daughter, Pete found a place to stay. With the power to make himself visible at any time, one of the townspeople eventually spot Elliot which results in a man arriving in town in the hopes to capture Elliot. He convinces the townspeople to help him and strikes up a deal with Pete's foster family. The film is ultimately about a friendship and unique bond between a boy and his mysterious creature who would do anything to protect him.

The Remake

The new film will be set in the 1980s and include a different take on the original story. A woodcarver (Robert Redford) enjoys telling the mythological tale of a dragon who lives deep in the woods in the Pacific Northwest. The story is always thought to be just a legend until his daughter who is a park ranger (Bryce Dallas Howard) finds a young feral boy who claims he has lived in the woods all of his life and with Elliot, his flying dragon. Like the original movie, Elliot has the power of invisibility and usually only shows himself to his trusted pal Pete, making it more difficult for the townspeople to believe him.

This new upgraded version of the story has ditched the musical element and animation, using a CGI for an enhanced version of the dragon. Based on the teaser, I enjoyed that they only had quick glimpses of Elliot portraying him more as a mysterious creature. The remake will obviously take on a more serious tone than its animated counterpart straying away from that campy feel. The fantasy adventure about a boy and his dragon will undoubtedly be a summer blockbuster hit especially with the name Disney attached to it!

Pete's Dragon hit theaters on August 12, 2016. The movie also stars Wes Bentley, Karl Urban, Oakes Fegley, and Oona Laurence.

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