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I must confess, I wasn't an original Full House fan. Not that I'm not a fan of the show, I love it. I just fell in love with it a few years later thanks to all the reruns I saw. But I didn't grow up with the original show. That being said, I have seen all episodes, enjoyed all the gimmicks and catchy phrases. This weekend when I binged watched Netflix's Fuller House there were moments when I felt I was watching a carbon copy of some loved scenes. That wasn't bad... at first.

Some critics are claiming there is nothing new to the formulaic family comedy. But that is not a surprise. Full House was full of re-running jokes, cartoonish characters, and cute babies. Basically, there isn't a big difference between the original Full House and this gender-swapped Fuller House. And that is not bad if you really want to take a trip down memory lane. If you want something new and exciting, then maybe this Netflix revival is not for you.

Let's answer some questions you might have about Fuller House:

Should I Binge Watch the Show?

All images are Netflix Property.
All images are Netflix Property.

No. I think that the appeal of the original television show was exactly its family friendly fun. But let's be honest, after the first two hours of seeing the new cast repeat all the endearing moments that made the original show loveable, it becomes a bit painful.

Take a break, grab a snack and then come back. You'll enjoy the show a bit with intervals in the middle.

Is Fuller House Full of Surprises?

It is not. There are some new storylines that were not previously disclosed in the trailers, but there's nothing that will come as a big shock. The formula is pretty much the same as the classic Full House was. I would even say that the surprise of this Fuller House is that it does not dive deep into some of the emotional storylines, and that's a disappointing surprise.

Will There be a Second Season?

I find myself in a very weird spot about this show. I enjoyed it, I laughed a little bit. The characters are sweet and they captured my attention. I think I would say it could go either way. I feel funny because if there is a second season I think I'll know what it will be about.

Let's explore a scenario where there is another season of Fuller House. First of all, we have to wait a year to see more of the delightful cast of kids, and they would've grown by then. The kids are lovable as they are now, and I think they deserve more stories. They didn't have enough exposure over the course of these 13 episodes. In this scenario, I would like to explore one of the storylines of the season that didn't get enough attention in the series.

I won't reveal much about it, but I think that as a character Stephanie was not properly used and succumbed to being the "cool aunt" who hasn't grown up yet. It was a little disappointing to see her as Kimmy's second when throwing the jokes. She deserves more time.

Now, the big storyline of the season was to bring DJ back to the dating scene, and in a way it mirrors how we I feel about this show. Do I stick with the safe and familiar fun that is remembering? Or do I explore the new and unfamiliar story that no one knows about, but that incites us to move forward?

I think that's the big question that the producers would have to answer if they decide to go for a second season. As a fan, I wouldn't mind if there is or isn't one. Let me explain this more clearly.

If there's a second season of Fuller House, I would watch it. But if this is just a one thirteen episode installment, I will be satisfied as well. It's not like I can't picture where things are going if I keep imagining their lives. That gives me a sense of closure. And for me, that is fine.

What do you say? Do you want a second season of Fuller House?


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