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For starters, I heard this news on the Collider Movie News Youtube channel and one thing came to mind: HELL YES! With that said, check out the video below for some context and then we'll get into what this might mean.

Upon hearing this news, we may remember a couple of standout performances by these two male actors. I immediately imagine the dancing skills Tatum has shown us time and time again, via the Step Up and Magic Mike films. Gordon Levitt also has proven to be a talented performer, most memorably in 500 Days of Summer and the lip sync battles on Jimmy Fallon's nightly show.

If these hilarious guys are willing to go all out, this can seriously be something funny! Attached to the project is Michael Bacall, who wrote the screenplay for both 21 & 22 Jump Street. Other notable works by this comedic genius include Inglorious Basterds & Project X. If this says anything about the way this film may go, we can surely expect an R rated Jump Street style musical. I am stoked about this news!

Is this news music to your ears!? It is to ours, let us know what you think of a Gordon Levitt & Tatum buddy-musical-comedy film!


How down would you be for a Gordon Levitt/Tatum Comedic Musical?!


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