ByMiyah Boyce, writer at

So we all know Jim was the original fry cook at the Krusty Krab! Well somebody else worked there before spongebob. BUBBLE BASS! How do I know this you ask? Well pay close attention to the episode pickles where he orders of a krabby patty! He talks to SpongeBob like something fishy was going on. It's all coming together. He's always making these long orders. he was fired and wanted his job back! So when he got his patty he hid the pickles under his tongue to get spongebob fired! So he could get his old job back! So Eugene though spongebob didn't make it right and even if forgot 1 ingredient he would have to fire SpongeBob because the folks of bikini bottom wouldn't be getting what they want on their Krabby Patty! And that means they would want refunds! Unless they didn't order pickles on thier patty! But still! That's only some people! So that would be a problem. Judging on how greedy Eugene is. Also compare Bubble Bass to Sheldon! :-\ he could have asked for a job at the Chum Bucket but he better not be a good cook then! And not have memorized the krabby patty secret formula! But don't worry no matter how hard he tries to get his job back never will!


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